Offer (poetry)

There the offer stood
Like humiliation in the door
I guess life ain’t good
Unless you’re in a brotherhood

© Delia Ross. 2023 / @poeeternal

Apparently the thing I was fighting for does have value.

Most everything else that was gifted to me was cheap, fake shit.


Jumping ship

To where, to which?

To be continued…. (praying)

“Don’t let me go, Murph”

“Don’t let me sell, Murph”

Great time to sell, not-so-much to buy.

Couldn’t really turn things around.

Sometimes nurturing old faithful is the better (and less expensive choice) (lesson learned after much research)

3 too many doors too many

I’ll chill here awhile

God: “what are you doing out here, it’s been ten years.”

Me: fuck the god damn doors, they all lead to hell…

God: “come inside”

Me: I’m fine in purgatory thanks

The noise is sometimes reduced to soul screaming only

“I talk to dead people”

God: “I made hot chocolate”

Me: why didn’t you say!!!!!!!!

*crawls inside*

Did y’all know the Bible that has been re-written many times (red flag) is actually Luciferian

Tis is…

The earth is alive

We spawned from here

Nihilism is a plague

“Too many men” according to Asian science (with malicious intent and purpose)

Narcissism is a plague

Sold/donated/trashed nearly 44 years of my life

Was gonna sell my uniforms but probably outdated and old (tho some new lol)

But not old enough to be vintage sought after

Just basically obsolete because gentrification exists lol

Once the uniforms are gone, I’m completely lost down here

Can’t even take my training with me when I die


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