Slums (poetry and confession)

I’m down in the slums
Marching around
Counting my crumbs
Mostly dumbfound

© Delia Ross. 2023 / @poeeternal

Two days ago I fed a squirrel.

Yesterday a squirrel grabbed my attention and brought a gang of his friends.

I fed them too.

I also added dry split pea to the seed and nut mix.

Now I got a bird grabbing my attention.

I’ll feed him too

I’m tempted to start buying squirrel and bird feed, and start spreading it everywhere (currently they’re eating my stash of food supplies) (I’m five pounds)

Stop on the side of the road, toss a bit

The city gonna start fining me for saving the world

It starts at home

And in your enemies backyard

They’re killing everything

Nihilism yah know

Psst I jumped into a deep pond

Now I’m somewhere 150 feet deep

I don’t want depth blackout

Thank God it was a full moon (I think)

It’s so cold down here a tear in my suit could send me to shock

I don’t know what’s next but the answers are coming (frighteningly)

I didn’t really have to crawl down here – but I panicked – and I did

I really deserve better than this

I think I’m learning my lessons and ready to try again

Need safe space

Where there is water moss will grow – especially when a source of warmth is involved

We can’t leave earth

Space exploration is a cool idea but that’s all it is and they go through great amounts to keep everyone asleep and hustling confusion

Astro physicist Neil Degrasse stated that the astronauts in the space station are not “in space”, he says “that is not space” and that he wants to go to the moon. He even stated the space station was “boring” and “didn’t want to do what 100 people have done before”

Let’s send Neil to the moon

Oh you lost all evidence on how to go eh

Oh the moon landing was rehearsed

Oh they didn’t have a phone line on the moon nor a way to talk from the moon to earth thus that famous quote we hear Neil say was actually recorded on earth (during rehearsal) (laughs)

So I might be moving

Onto the street

Come April 1st

Or, doors could be opening for me

There is no plan B currently

There is only isolation, packing/donating/selling/trashing my entire existence (minus some things I find valuable and I’d rather bury them in the dirt than tell you what they are)

I still sleep with my bayonet 🙂

I kept my vegan makeup and new closet items

And I’ve since added 4 new pairs of leggings to the collection (giving me 6 new pairs of comfies, nearly a week’s worth)

But some cause cancer


So been hunting all cotton, wool, leather for wearing (sorry not sorry, natural does not hurt the eggs or delivery goods)

I’m not interested in memory foam no matter the name or price

That shit is toxic

Soon, the furniture will be removed from the apartment

The deep cleaning has already begun

I may need a shredding session like WaterGate

Only… I don’t know what files to keep or shred

People are dead

The deeds no longer matter

How long do you keep a receipt

And the looming tax files are the only thing I know for certain I should probably keep (medical and military records too)

Aside from that, I’ve got memories from folks and family I don’t want to remember

Or maybe I do

But all these things got to go

Things I’d like to do:

Yep so that’s about it…

Happy depression 2023

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