I’m so unstable lol

I am blocking folks on tiktok for all kinda of reasons

I only use my main account – so views will stay low – I keep the algo confused, “gotta keep em guessing” – I stay on the go


I told myself I’d stop scrolling

Only use it to post


And many of my good videos don’t make it through – cuz folks block me and then report me for harassment – for lip syncing a Nirvana song “I think I’m dumb” cuz he commented my IQ could improve

I got in trouble for his insult

I was videotaping me lip syncing in my apartment – and he didn’t want y’all to see it

I still think I won?

Fuck so off topic now

The blocking that I do is different

(But how does one get a post removed for lip syncing a fucking song?) (I didn’t even respond) (no text) lol

He all butt hurt


Stop phishing for info

My TBI fractal brain is none ya bizz

I know everything and not anything all at once

*God mode off*

*Human mode on*

Nope, not even human yet

Fallen Angel

“Born this way”

Fight me

I haz wings

Under his bed

He stole em

He didn’t really steal them

He collected them from the rubble

Not thinking maybe someone would come

To get the thing broken

He took what was mine and didn’t consider it belonged to another thing

I fucking fell

My first instinct was to find cover

They were my wings but God dismantled them in the fall

Or I dunno, the blazing atmosphere I was searing through

They were left behind

I was probably in shock

It’s an actual medical condition

Not a mindset

“Survival mode”

And there is water in the desert eventually

Dessert twice please (before meal and after dinner like an hour or 3) (not immediately)

(I should not eat after nine but gremlin, need the meal at midnight)

(Even if I eat dinner at 9, I’m like wtf are you growling like we haven’t ate since 5 am)

I already have insomnia, it’s nearly impossible to get through a 5 hour span

So I’ll always be sneaking in the kitchen for a bite

If he loves me, he’ll surprise me with treats awaiting

(And then he gets woken up in different ways yah hear)

I ain’t getting near that thing if he goes putting it in other things

Men especially

Fuck you

Oh who and what things I iz blocking on the TikTok

Someone just had her daddy come help her move a couch


It wasn’t even suggested content

Just a normal family acting normal

Fuck off

I dunno, random shit like that

I forget…

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