Half Broken Dreams (And Poetry)

Broken thoughts, miniature words, endless sorrow

Wolf Moon

The Moon - a poem + thoughts

He Never Cared

Please stop the pain

Regarding Love

Let's be real, you don't know love in any manner, you don't even love yourself.

Cognitive Dissonance

Who will save the sane?


Potentially, the greatest question I've ever asked. A 10 word poem.


Themes of death, possible trigger warning (irony)

Writings On My Wall

Stuffs. Micropoetry mostly. Writings I hadn't intended to share. Trashy treasures.


Pesky numbers


OMFG freshly wrote this AM for you. A poem + convo + lesson


Dark places, dark thoughts, freestyle ache

Just a shoutout to my tribe

Grateful for you and sorries

Truth Comes Hard

Truth makes noise (early morning ramble + snap)

Poetic Ramblings For The One

Friday afternoon freestyle freeform 🙂 + a few added snaps because it's my birthday weekend!!! 😃


His love turns me from a peasant to a goddess


There's an entire universe in his gaze which heals my wounds and all...


I know not anything.

Things of Note by PoeEternal

Bits of pieces here & there. Thoughts. Ideas. Microwords. I feel like watching you smile is one of the most beautiful things I can witness in life. If you can't have it, dream about it. Fantasize. Talk to yourself. Loneliness is a state, not a being. Be one with it. Love. Even when you can't. … Continue reading Things of Note by PoeEternal

I want to get lost in you so that you may find me again and when you search for me in your soul, I'll be resting there I'm just going to have a little nap between your heartbeats (c) Delia Ross. 2013. All Rights Reserved.

The sun peeks through the clouds, as if he's hiding his head in shame All the pain she suffered left lingering in vain As if mourning the seasons would promise a better day I need nothing more, ever love (c) Delia Ross. 2013. All Rights Reserved.