A poem and a point

Walked on water for you
Tamed a lion or two
Called you out of the blue
Turned your sorrow to dew

Β© Delia Ross. 2022

And if you need perspective, yes, it happened overnight

I was getting close to 500 likes and within a matter of hours, skyrocketed to the thousands

It’s insane I know

But it was good filming, right spot, right time

Because the universe is mathematical and live long enough the variables will play out

This was good clean pure fun entertainment tho

No money involved

So chill

I work damn hard putting out content, I would love to be able to have the opportunity to go live to bring the zen and the chaos

I enjoy watching people ride their bike on the beach and at some point I’ll probably get me a bike that will fit in my jeep and I’ll take my jeep on the beach but I’m dying

I don’t feel like taking my jeep to the cleaning port afterwards because I want to spend a day on the beach but I’m going to change my perspective about it because I’d probably feel a whole lot safer if I did have my jeep on the beach and then I’d feel like taking a nap too

I don’t want to go to the drive-through to get food anymore because people are toxic and not worth dying for

It sucks though that when I was growing up and serving others I was fucking nice

I had good customer service

This is hell

But yeah, the 10k mark feels good

It wasn’t bought

I earned that bitch

I certainly wasn’t expecting four videos to go viral and to continue to go viral and are still going viral

I never even had a chance to feel what it feels like to climb to the top, it’s like the opposite of gravity, I was just flung there

God felt my despair with the whole wine bottle business

I was like this shit again

I can’t deal

This is madness, what am I here for if I can’t change anything

God: experience

Me: oh

So now I’m still trying to sort it out

But what I really need is for someone to come help me get my master bedroom together

And then my kitchen so that I can start working on developing a better relationship that I have with my kitchen and food that I put in my body

And the lifeguard told me yesterday that I need to spend 30 minutes a day reading the Bible

I need spiritual food he says

And one week away from my phone and the Internet

I said what? I can’t even do an hour…

I can’t shut it off 😩

And then it occurred to me that games have intermissions and that the players get breaks

I can just chill up here at the top for a little bit it’s OK

And for those of you who are still interested in my nude photography, I have medical appointments that are upcoming that I need to get to and to some sort of place where I have the energy and mindset to do it and then I’ll be able to turn subscriptions back on, thank you for your interest in my content

I also want to have a section on my blog that is donate or subscribe only to get the naughty content

Of course, my content isn’t naughty because I don’t really do any kind of dirty work nor do I act like a dirty girl

It’s taboo mostly and nude art photography

And I get to call it art because I put effort in making it sensual seductive sexy playful or whatever mode I’m trying to get across

I’m born to make babies

I was born this way

Stop telling me it’s sinful to have emotions when I have neurons firing 24/7

I think about sex a lot, I’m going to share my sexuality, deal with it

Men have been raping me and sexually hurting me since I was a tiny baby so you don’t get to blame what I’m wearing anymore

You don’t get to blame my personality or my choices

Just let me live and breathe

I don’t have much time left and I’m not doing good with the breathing even when I’m at the beach capturing footage that goes viral


Walked on water for you

Let me enjoy the summit

There’s no rush down

I’ll probably die trying anyway



Prone to making being talked into the wrong choice


RIP John Jones

Is this from you buddy?

I got your bones, you got mine kind of thing?

I finally have a brother! 🀩

Also me: “I see dead people”

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  1. I do have 10k likes, I have more than that now just not quite what it says (10.1k when the number is 10,077 or something until I blink and wake up and my account is gone) πŸ‘€

    Liked by 1 person

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