Take the air from where I breathe
He will never notice me

There you go again
Breaking my heart
For just a thrill
It’s overkill

A thousand times over
You have made your point
And I know
I am never what you sought
Though lurking
I am aching where you haunt
Through searching
Though every tear was bought

Age of despair
But like an ember
I flare him up
Because I care
And I’ve no defense
From getting burned everywhere

I was in alliance with ineptitude

Love is like the beginning and the end. Alpha omega. I love you. I’ll kill you. But I love you forever.

You look like you are dying
Bu you are already dead

As above, so below
My aura is here to glow

This great depression.

There will be no headstone
No grave
From life to dust
I’m not okay (RIP daddy)

Where are you?
In every molecule?
The early morning dew?
The air I breathe on lonely avenue?

Where are you?
If not but in every dream I dream?
Clinging to the in-between?
Wondering if I can be seen?

All God is woe.

My bed is overrated.

I don’t know where to begin so I’d rather not start at all…

Where have the best years of my life gone

At 26,000 light-years away, it’s the closest we’ve ever been-
And if regret is a singularity, it’s finally creeping in (re: black hole)

I got cigarette burns on my skin
Black holes where he’s been
There’s cold creeping in
A hundred reasons why I sin

You’re just her whipping boy
You’re a tool
You want to be her toy
You’re a fool

I know not what holds him here
I am a dry sponge, brittle
The way time taunts me
Like I am little

Give me a veil
Let’s rest in hell

I got secrets that would disown me
The way he’s unholy
Still that’s my only

I wish Sagittarius A* would put on his parking breaks
Throw me into another galaxy if that’s what it takes

I am a living statue
To darkness, his bride
(Well that’s a lie)
Still isn’t he by my side?

It’s so dark on the inside
Maybe why I cry

Banned under the same sunbeam
From things I’ve seen
Those things I’ve seen are haunting me

Take away the ray
Take away the ray
It’s burning

Chained to existence
Wishing I didn’t remember you
That’s coming too
I won’t remember who

My eyes are sunspots
Turning grey
From things you say

Married to hopelessness
Quantum confusion
All entities
The air we breathe
The hope we seek
The light we keep

She built an empire on a pyramid scheme. She’s an evil queen.

The world can burn for all I care.

Even under soft moons
Or enduring high noons
There will be casualties of war

And even when I face doom
And circling is his tomb
I believe there is love within his core

He’s been charged with possession of stolen property; my heart.

In the beginning there was nothingness. Now in the end, nothing is.

The only lines I cross are rhyme.

You are the cold emptiness of space
Absolute zero
You are the reason I lay in waste
You’re not a hero

Come to me
By frothy sea
Shine your light
I fancy thee

I was born into confusion
Believe this, believe that
It’s all delusion
Best theory or illusion

I’m so much better than that flock of shit you summon
Your mouth is the opposite direction I am running
Your lies only come by the dozen
You can knock but you can’t come in
The darkness covers all but it’s my coven
You ain’t welcome here again

You fool
How desolate and awkward your thoughts lead you
Rising plumes of gloom
And I an idiot more
To watch how hope you consume
Bereft of pulse
A necrophiliac
You lifted pen then I had life
But then you call creation strife
But I died again after witnessing your child and wife

I’m a rib from your side
A curse like Dracula’s bride
Or Bonnie and Clyde
I drink your love like cyanide
Mixed with hope and rhyme

I am a dead sea
A red sea
A bad seed
Dead, see?

Death do us part

I’m tired of defending my actions against your lies
From sunup to sundown I am wise
I can see clearly with these eyes
You can’t erase these cries

Loving him is a sentence to death row.

Why does my love always cause destructive tidal waves?

Did you know mountains were resting on your shoulder named envy?
You let me crash on your soul in frenzy
I’m dizzy
Did you not need me?

Did you know moons were glowing with envy?
Heartache cost not a penny
But I got plenty
If you need any?

Distance is
The love we keep
And even further
The solution we seek

Life’s a waiting room
Give my wound a womb
Erase the moon
Erect my tomb
You are full doom

Now I owe you nothing
Soul paid
I’m reduced to hurting

Oh! What heavens I could reach with your arms!

Did you know when I look up I find you stargazing into my soul
You know where every prayer goes

Dear Edgar,
I can’t live without my love either
But he is lost in the ether
I can’t reach him neither

Edges of time his mind
I go missing every time
His rhyme
Holding me to crime
His line
Wishing on a dime

Not everyone is created equal
Like the ones who pull out fast then take it slow
Those aren’t my kind of people

Sometimes, I climb into the ether where we met
Heaven is risky but I took the step
You feel like eternity in an instance
Gotta keep our distance

© Delia Ross. 2021 / @poeeternal

Digiart of & by @poeeternal (lyrics by NIN)
Digiart of & by @poeeternal (lyrics by NIN)

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