Half Broken Dreams (And Poetry)

It’s been a minute since I’ve shared one of these, half broken dreams and poetry. It’s like I’m ripping apart from the seams. Go ahead, take a piece of me.

How foolish to believe he could love a girl like me
A girl who’s good and full of integrity
How stupid to think I had any charm
I’m just a girl avoiding harm

But the sun it never sleeps
And my heart it always weeps
But the secrets that you carry
Are too much for one to bury

I am hard on the edges
Always hanging off of ledges
He is soft as a peach
A heart enriched and simply sweet

He is a moving sea
Wrapped up in poetry
The way it moves with me
So gently

The emptiness settles over me like fog rolling over hills and mountains…

If only he’d given us a chance, we might have got it right.

He’s like a midnight haunting
I’m always wanting
The way he taunts me
It’s like he wants me

Taking off my clothes on some days is harder than facing an enemy with a bomb…


Their tongues instantly went in orbit around each other.

He has a different touch
It’s not layered with thorns
And underneath his surface
There isn’t any horns

Her lips turn centuries
The way he lets her hang onto forever
She burns like midnight oil
But like a wildfire let her burn
Then the seeds will come

You just sit there letting yourself harden
Where is your heart then
May I still tend?

You, you are home
Your words my magic kingdom
Your mind a wicked garden
Your voice my heart’s beacon

Why does she get all of the reward?

She’s putting lipstick on her cracks
As she crawls around his back
Any love for her I lack

I am married to doubt
My tears falling devout
Like rain coming down a sprout
I’m given out

Danger here be the heart. All poetry be in my veins.

It comes at me like three round burst
The anxiety is getting worse
The loss of hope is where it hurts

History is going to be written whether we succeed or fail.

Keep your heart open they say
But now uninvited guests have come to stay

Condemnation building like condensation.

Truth bites and barks like a rabid dog
I pretend there is life in the lie
Reason knocks hurrily like he’s got somewhere to be
I told him to get lost
I drowned him with liquor

© Delia Ross. 2020

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