Regarding Love

You shouldn’t lead someone on if you never have the intentions of loving them.

You should give people a real chance at love if you are truly searching for a real connection.

If it’s a game of use and muse, the stakes should be known.

I was used, I was lead down a bullshit path, and I was never given a proper chance. He awoke me to the possibility of love without the intentions of ever loving me. And I am the full package and I also know that we’re compatible. But, it was all head games for him. I honestly wish I had never met him (virtually). Or gave any of the very best parts of me (poetry) to him.

But it’s easy to forget, what you’ve done to me…

You took me for a ride / you took me for all the other fools in your life / but I don’t care about your pain anymore
I need to say goodbye

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