Cold, dark orbits
Just a passenger to his need
Closed windows but still the wind is furious
And racing around every corner you bleed

Sealed off any exits
Like black tar and sticky
Removed any altering
Whores we are worshipping
Coffins as an offering
Death is evermore

Started as something, ended as something else
Destroy the bond, empty the shelf
You took it all, there’s nothing left

Wrong delusion
Precious lunatic
You found my fault line
Every fucking time

And from my pieces
You built a ship
Tested my innocence
Got another taste of it
And delicious is every bit
And I stretch out my finger
As you take another lick
Yummy are the ashes
And broken auras

Lesser are my views
Hearts in a crucifixion
What can you do
Wings of frustration
A different sensation from abuse

Pull your back up friend
Here, I’ll give you a hand
Let’s go higher
I was godsend

Age of rejection
An angel weary and beaten
She collects her feathers
For a potion or a trophy

It doesn’t matter, I’m not well
Down here in hell
I’m saying sorry to the dead
While she collects feathers for her bed
The same bed he will tread

And I hate Earth
Or just my worth…

© Delia Ross. 2019

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