Thoughts, Ideas, Little Rhymes

There are galaxies growing full on regret with spiral arms chasing all it can get.

I should have been more careful with words
The way they hollow out the bone
And some forgive, some repent, most return the stone

His words are a ruse, perhaps a bruise, a broken home, where I still choose

He is my muse, a sun or fuse, a high with blues, regret in two’s

He’s got bullets for hands
Fingers like loaded magazines
With a mouth full of conniption
His life is nothing but fiction
And he’s all but evil in his genes

I’m so tired of carrying this cross; the weight of everything I’ve done.
These last steps have only shown loss; and coming last, the loneliness I won.

Will you remember me when I’m only dust?
When failed dreams are all but rust?
Will you remember what we discussed?
Will you keep safe my love of us?

Take your broken piece
Take my broken bits
Align them together
Broken pieces that fits

The good die
The wicked live
The faithful cry
The sinful don’t forgive

There’s only room in the world for the wicked
Trust might be earned but you won’t keep it

Shuddering since the day my eyes befell you

What are you if not the every breath I take

The sight of his lip makes me weak
The sound of his voice makes me tremble
The way the blue in his eye makes me hunger
Trip and fall under

He came stumbling in half-drunk on whiskey and regret
Any feelings he hadn’t killed them yet

His voice in a low rumble
Makes my atoms jumble
Feel them roll and stumble
How I crumble
Now I’m humble

I could listen to his voice for hours
Swallowing all eternity
He plants words in me like flowers
Growing taller is the love we need

You step out of my dream and into existence and take me for a moonlit walk
With night flowers blooming and hours still looming the Moon carefully gawks
My hands you are holding with energy flowing your lips where my kisses dock
And our shadows growing where love comes out flowing our hearts beating like clocks

I’ve got 5 grams of darkness left for sale
And an army of fears in a pale
There’s a case of worry over there
And for an upgrade you can go to hell

I can feel my face literally breaking
From the pain in my chest where my heart is still aching
Roads become regrets we are constantly taking

I wonder what color my hair is underneath all this shame

Come back my love
Where my wild winds are blowing

It’s the end of the world today
A sad parade
And marching out slowly the hope that will fade

Sometimes he hurts me just to watch the sea level rise

I have night terrors and unholy cries
My worth so little not worth goodbyes
The days might be changing but not these grey skies

But for moments lost with you
I forgot about the war

Or what I’m searching for

I open every door

Love me now
Before you can’t anymore

I’m his bird
Carefully observed
Pecking away at his every word
My hope reserved
And hell deserved
But love is here
And well preserved


Β© Delia Ross. 2020

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8 thoughts on “Thoughts, Ideas, Little Rhymes

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  1. That’s so great to hear, thank you! I have plenty more but was worried if it would get too long. I share these on occasion tho, this might be the equivalent of me having writer’s block, or just never finding them making their way in my larger pieces. But I like them enough not to scratch them all together and trash them. I’m really glad you enjoyed them all, thank you!! ❀😊❀


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