Ice Age

I'm so cold, where is he? He took away my sun...

Third Eye

Please see me

Mount Everest

"I love you the best, better than all the rest..."


I don't have anything because I don't have you


It nearly did me in to be honest and it took a lot of careful consideration on whether I wanted to leave my blog open. But this is still goodbye. I quit it all.

Won’t Do

He'll have it all, just not me...


Micropoem number 16,000 on unrequited love


Take me with you please for there is no life if you are gone.

Dead Anyway

All woe is me post halloween

Love Beats On

A tiny story of hope / rhyme + updated with photos!!

Bad Feathers

Pulling a feather is like feeling a leather whip across my back. I falter. I repent. I love.

Stones of Regret

His absence is too loud, too painful.


Like a ghost he roams my heart, I miss him.

Winter Blues

Tis the season


Themes of death, possible trigger warning (irony)


'Some girls have all the luck, some girls have all the pain, some girls get all the breaks, some girls do nothing but complain'...


I might be his druidess but he is stubborn to his own demise

A Micro Story

A micro-story in under ten words.

Hope Nope

Hope is a dead star


Nothing is real. I cannot feel.


Just a little poem about ego

Caught Between the Devil

Caught between the devil and the poems I keep writing...

50 Word Short Story Poetry

A short story / 50 word poem *Possible trigger warning*

Loss For Words

Unrequited love chapter 666

Tower of Sorrow

eternal blackness, he's gone


People always have the wrong expectations of people they never give a chance to know. And yet we carry that burden.

Devils Sea

maybe something inside


Hope is a fragile thing


Some micropoetry I hadn't intended to share but now I am sharing anyway because, rebel.

Cold Front

I wasn't prepared for winter


Banished from his heart


Oh my fucking goddddd, another day, of my two favorite things


Does he really mean the terrible things he says about me?


I can't fly away because he clipped my wings and now taunts me like I am prey

Ah, The Great Depression!

Ahh ye great joy of depression!

Thoughts n’ Thangs

Thoughts. Ideas. Micropoetry. Micro-thinking. Is that a thing?

A Raft Named Hello

A sad poem about the greatest love of all never existing


Nothingness am I


I had to drown the thing that was drowning me...


I've been experimenting with my writing styles on Instagram. You can follow me there @POEETERNAL


I tried to kill all the parts in me that loved him. I tried to understand the lesson he taught me. I tried moving on. I tried to love the distance. But the ache swells.

Depression Avenue, Anxiety Lane

Make a right on Depression Avenue
and a left on Anxiety Lane

I’m So Scared

This is not my best writing, but it comes from a real place of fear as I battle depression and suicidal tendencies. Trigger warning.


My tomb should read, "Ah, death finally" but in reality the VA will cremate my body and bury me with other Soldiers with a white tomb in a cemetery where no one will ever come visit me or even know where I reside... "unknown soldier"


Love is an illusion. Give me love or give me death.


You'll never get close to me.


They care not while I rot.


The cost of mistakes, the price of reason


I know not anything.

Sirens Call

A poem reminding us that death comes for us all at any hour...

Transfer Request Pending

Hey dudes, no worries, hitching a ride to Mars soon... I HOPE (a poem about that)

The Best Things In Life Aren’t Free

A poem about narcissism and regrets. Emotional slavery.