Unknown Soldier

I’m kinda sorta glad I’m just an unknown soldier
Some may know my name but not what’s on my shoulder
You may say you’re sorry but that won’t bring me closure
You may say you love me but your actions turn you over

I’m kind of sort of glad I’m only a warrior
In a sense, to you all, I am still a foreigner
I have spent months in boots where the stars were my chauffeur
And without a moment’s notice I could be back with her

I’m really sort of glad I only own my freedom
And though I may love him I don’t really need him
And it won’t cost me much to bandage where I’m bleeding
In fact, I can disappear, without needing a reason

Though many have asked I’m glad I never married
I guess the reasons why they always have varied
Those were the roads I never saw journeyed
That sort of thinking was long ago buried

I’m really sort of glad I can just disappear
With the flip of a switch I could be out of here!
You wouldn’t have an address or know if I was near
Your words would have no magic to lure me in here dear

I’m really sort of glad I don’t have many regrets
I made a couple dollars and I made a couple debts
I have never been divorced and I own all my assets
You may look at me as poor but I’m as good as it gets

I’m really sort of glad that I’ve got eyes where I can see
And when it comes to young girls you go in a frenzy
I never understood what you ever saw in me
I’m just an unknown soldier, broken at the knee

© Delia Ross. 2019

Published by PoeEternal

I'm gone. Maybe it's like I never existed at all.

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