7 thoughts on “The Fibonacci Sequence

    1. Oh you are so very welcome! I haven’t tired of it yet and I’ve been around since it popped up. I even downloaded it when he made it available in case the audio was removed. 12 years strong now, I think. And for me, it’s still a treat. 😆

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    1. Quite impressive! Your talents are accomplished and varied. I suck at math. Differential equations seemed antithetical to my quest to be a rock star. And, of course, that never happened 😊

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      1. Haha well, I have stage fright which is probably worse than my Arachnophobia and that itself is pretty bad. And I’m single, never married, and can be full on fangirl to the bands I love. But like, finding a good dude to be with is hard as fuck. It’s not so much a priority anymore. Wasted my youth on the wrong ones/things. Not giving up my freedom or what years I have left easily.

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      2. Finding a good woman can be equally as difficult 😁. I don’t know if I regret spending too much time with the wrong woman as much as I regret letting “the one” get away.

        I used to have stage fright, now I simply don’t care if people like my music. It’s so much easier to play that way 😊

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