Mandatory Social Distancing

Sending love (I think) during this mandatory social distancing

Half Broken Dreams (And Poetry)

Broken thoughts, miniature words, endless sorrow

Top 9 Post of 2019 on Instagram!

My top 9 post of 2019 as loved by you are now on my Instagram! Thanks for the love!

Love & Thanks

Love and thanks

35K Oh My!

Gratitude + snaps =)

Regarding Love

Let's be real, you don't know love in any manner, you don't even love yourself.

Red Wine And Regrets

Thanksgiving slightly drunken freestyle

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Kinky vampy bitch inside


Dear Bloggers, Please Read

Book publishing recommendation - you're welcome 😃


Goddess of Confusion / A poem + photos (because why not)

Top 10 Halloween music playlist

What I got spinning for Halloween

All Hallows Eve


OOPS (Blog boo boos again)

Oops I did it again

Hello 28K!

Oh hi there! 28K woah! Thanks!




I thought I was just a gatherer but I suppose I am a huntress as well.

Happy Friday

Thankies + snappies

Thank you for 12k!

My blog has received over 12,000 visits and I wanted to personally thank you.

Won’t Bring Him Back (Lyrics)

In these pages he's alive In these words we do survive In these moments nothing but time Memories without a hard drive We get by, we drive, we fly No suffering when amongst a friend But these words won't bring him back again No these words won't bring him back again The days on pages … Continue reading Won’t Bring Him Back (Lyrics)

Gold Rush

Words with rhythm & rhyme about devotion


Drinking down the bottle 2 more shots should hide my mistakes His heart is like a fossil And I doubt it ever aches Picking up the throttle Will drink as long as it takes This pain it feels so awful I'd like to be one he appreciates © Delia Ross. 2019


A poem for Valentine's Day

Things of Note by PoeEternal

Bits of pieces here & there. Thoughts. Ideas. Microwords. I feel like watching you smile is one of the most beautiful things I can witness in life. If you can't have it, dream about it. Fantasize. Talk to yourself. Loneliness is a state, not a being. Be one with it. Love. Even when you can't. … Continue reading Things of Note by PoeEternal

When It Ends

When it ends there's not going to be time for goodbyes


And there upon my epitaph shall say, "died in the womb", for life never existed and the heart was a broken tomb. © Delia Ross. 2019

The Serpent

Ever kissed a serpent?


The shore rises And as our dreams do Hopes are washed away inside us Awards instead of gifts as prizes Pills wrapped in silk disguises With this wave a bit of residue Likely he'll never get your point of view I'm sorry if I ever troubled you Give love a chance the universe advices We … Continue reading RESIDUE


I am so grateful for all the traffic that my website has been receiving. It is a great honor to be able to share my words with you and that you keep coming back to read more. As such, and as a thank you, I will be releasing my epic poem in three parts, which … Continue reading Gratitude