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The lies I was eating too, were all mislabeled
Feelings that could not be swallowed, pushed under the table
The love she was selling you, have clogged your cables
Caring now a fortune and something I’m just not able

Annoyance like a vine and it creeps and entwines
If happiness were a choice they would all still decline
It seems so obvious but they require written signs
Apophis now a decade out from the end-of-times

Life’s so very short but they still won’t understand
And if they wake up now they might feel something grand
And it will be too late when she comes to kiss this land
And if that doesn’t work, well, death has other plans

© Delia Ross. 2019

Life is short, love now… MORE LOVE. The world needs more love. I don’t have time for anything else.

7 thoughts on “Apophis

    1. God of destruction, seems apt. There’s definitely signs on the earth of asteroids before. It swung by before in 2004 but this time it’s going to be closer and who’s to say that next time it won’t impact. It’s scarrryy. All of it. Even this rock we are spinning on. I’m skeered.

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  1. Of course it’s time, for more love, more compassion, more respect, for the earth we share…..
    Its Time

    We’ll miss you,
    Mother Earth.
    Your splendour,
    And imposing style.
    From forest canopy’s,
    To the desert Nile.
    New creations,
    Beauty, gone.

    We’ll lose you,
    Father Time.
    Your rhythm,
    And stoic guile.
    From ancient history,
    To the future files.
    New millennia,
    Awaiting, gone.

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