Oh she reads your poems twice
That must be rather nice
I live by its creed
Your written word my seed
But it’s her you like
So I stay out of sight

© Delia Ross. 2019

10 thoughts on “Twice

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  1. I’m always torn. When I read sad poetry I want to be sad about it, but I also want to be like ‘damnnnnn you’re good at poetry’. I’m not really sure the latter is appropriate, but even in six lines, it’s way better than anything I could ever write. So damn, you’re good at poetry!!

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  2. I always hope the sarcasm takes the edge off. My self-worth is a well run dry these days. Every fiber of me deploys parachutes of hopelessness. I give up. (Oh, while I am busy self-loathing, I wanted to say thank you. It made the effort worthwhile).

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  3. I appreciate that. I’ve been exploring my other voices and I feel like this one has a double meaning. It’s like trying to figure out pieces of a puzzle, how can I put words together to make them clever. I’m a child trying to keep up with the grownups. I’m literally shutting down. So I figured that side of me should be heard too. Thanks for listening.


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