Dying Light

I always thought I’d get a coffin when I die
But just like Edgar Allan Poe, I don’t own a dime

I am light-years away from life
Traveling into the never
Closer to the epicenter of strife
Death and dying they are a knife

Sometimes he will arrange a letter
In such ways where I feel better
Or moments as today
Going under
Holding my breath
But not in wonder
Scared of too much thunder

Upon us now the Great Reset
On asteroid 99942 I do place my bet

Tidal forces
Different courses
Stupid choices
Silent voices

Love is foreign
Blood is poison
Mostly morbid
Life is horrid

The Great Reset is upon us
And so too Apophis
And your words that gut
“He said, she said”, what!
I think I’m going nuts
Well, I think I’ve heard enough
Well, I think I’ve hurt enough
The Great Reset
The Great Regret

Oh, please simmer my storm
I know you feel warm
Let me wrap around your arm
I won’t cause you any harm

People only value what they can fake
What they can take
What they can break

I am razors, wrapped in a necklace, on a chain
And I think I’ve lived forever, but I never learned your name
And this love it comes with fever, for I think I’ve gone insane

You know she’d bring a gun to a knife fight
She is shallow
Like the low light
Or little value
A black hole
Lurking in the night

Tell me
How you plan to chart a course, with no wind upon your sail?

Break me free from chains that bind
Carving channels of agony through my mind
Leaving trails of doubt all over time

I need a break from being taunted
When every single step I take is haunted
Like every word you forsake
My heart unwanted

There are roads still being drawn
Places we have never gone
Got my nose set for dawn
One Zero Three
Sunset drive
My soul lives where you died

From existence to nothingness
How quick you did dismiss

Now I’m absolved of worthiness?

Monsters latching on the tit
Evil queen
Unholy thing
Evil’s it

Don’t cover my bones with remorse
Time is texture and it’s coarse
Racing by like a dark horse
Still you focus on the quartz

It’s like you’re moving in reverse
You tell the sky what is worse
You tell me dying just won’t work
Then gift me heaven wrapped in curse

I write these words for him
But who do they absorb?
I right these wrongs to swim
Regret I can’t afford
I’m shinning light so dim
Though through the dark his escort

I sometimes wonder how many more times I will go private before all-end
Is this my way of turning the light on and off the way FrownGarden did? 🤔
Under a cloud of sorrow is where we all hid
I’ve been crying since I was a kid 👀

I’m deserted on point Nemo

Maid of regret. Maid of sorrow. Made for tears.

I feel my days are numbered
And even less my wonder
I cannot feel the thunder
And I feel I’m caving under

You were my abode
Watchful eyes steal my home
Things they don’t own
They don’t know
The dark secrets he’s sewn

He thinks he can just leave and disconnect
But fate has us all by the neck

Go ahead and put me on the exile
I will still find you in the next aisle 👀

He could have carved canyons with my love
Rushing through the forest
There was nothing I wouldn’t of done

He mattered when everything was meaningless
But in return, I was nothingness

Do all roads lead to sorrow?
Will I find you here tomorrow?

He sank me like the Titanic
He was an iceberg in the transatlantic
And I in a panic
Rushed headfirst to it
Now life is manic

I am a dead sea
A red sea
A bad seed
Dead, see?

I’m dying
So he showed me how he cared by digging my grave

The great divide
Between you and I

Where do I reside?
When now is a fleeting cloud
The ‘here and now’
Another shroud

Was once the wise,
But twice the fool
Had sense with eyes
Then fell for cruel
Seen through the guise
You act a tool

My belief in him has waned
Like a faucet
My faith was quickly drained
And I a junkie
His lies were gently veined
And now a comet
My wings can’t be contained

I am a sharp summit
Still he climbs
And August feels so hopeless
He never minds
And hope is hard to summon
Still he finds

© Delia Ross. 2021 / @poeeternal

I don’t know what the touch of another human being feels like. I guess I’ll never know love either. I only know suffering. 😷

Uhm, I’m not okay? 🤔

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