Peer pressure is the COVID vaccinations

I’m not supposed to be feeling like I’m already knocking on my grave

I’m so paranoid to believe / they whipped up the perfect formula to get to me…

So yeah, taking an aspirin a day now for blood clots – well uhm – to thin my blood out and maybe keep less clots destroying my heart.

If you already suffer from underlying health issues – you need to understand the risks involved when you get that goddamn vaccine


People have died from it, it’s not a fucking joke

I have nothing to gain from being the whistleblower

But everything to lose


The phone conversation went worse.

Why the fuck did I do that second shot

If you feel it in your fucking soul to not do something, you need to listen to yourself and not what the media is peer pressuring you to do and everyone around you

That vaccine is fucking peer pressure

I collapsed and look where it got me!!!!!!!!!!!

I didn’t wanna die in my bed and now I can’t even fucking leave it!

Checkmate goes to the NWO/CDC

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