You built me a starship
With no commands
You kneel down before me
And place no demands

Double rainbows are forming
Over sacred lands
And though time may be forewarning
You keep heart in hands

© Delia Ross. 2021 / @poeeternal

My time is almost up but I found one more way to say I love you 💕

Our home is a starship. The kind like Elon Musk has built, the reusable landing kind.

Not the NASA death tomb.

The kind of starship that fuels your dreams.

And we need to name it.

(One of the tiny rooms contains all your poetry and I fall asleep on the floor for never wanting to leave).

(Sometimes you tell me bedtime stories)

(Sometimes you pick me off the floor and hold me)

(I like starship the best because it contains you)

((I didn’t know Elon musk had named his starship until I went to look and then I was like of course he did, of course he named it starship))

I was just thinking about how you drop in, not by cloud, not by comet, by starship!

And like a boat you built by hand, but a starship.

And then I saw the article where Elon musk actually named his rocket starship.

Of course he fucking did

So the fantasy I was laying here having actually is a reality for somebody else


But poem 😏

I love when you drop in.

I love you.

And I’m sending all my love to you lightning speed through a starship.

Babe, now we got a space shuttle!

I like it, I like it a lot.

We need to break it in. 👀

*goes back to dreaming*

(Have always wanted to do it in zero gravity)

Thank you for getting me items off my Amazon wishlist. I’m happy to have a cute little schoolgirl outfit to go with my pigtails and things. It’s Adome lingerie and I like their clothing line on Amazon.

I wish I had a real way to thank you.

(I know it’s all fun and games but it makes my heart happy)


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