Lessons of the heart (and COVID)

Doc ordered more tests for me today and DOES NOT want me doing ANY PHYSICAL ACTIVITY – she said light walking only until she has more answers. I’m not allowed to rebound. 😩

She looked into the signs and symptoms and said what I am going through IS RELATED to COVID.

But I asked her could a heart heal itself like a bone and she said yes! A heart can heal itself!

So good!

Cuz my body has healed from many broken bones and I’ve been doing the heating pad and positive self-encouragement even though tears have been streaming down my face.

She told me to keep doing the heating pad!

But no physical activity and more test have been ordered.

And she made it clear that what is happening to me IS COVID related.

Worth repeating.

My doctor has no hidden agenda.

Nor do I.

I’m gonna keep writing and working on my photography and cosplay but energy levels are near dead.

She did say these symptoms can last for weeks after and reminded me I’m about 3 weeks in (she said six weeks or more).

She also brought up the fact that these vaccines are incredibly new and there isn’t a lot of data to go by.

I told her she needed a pay raise and an award and a medal and that she’s doing a good job and she is saving my life.

She’s one of them good doctors!

She goes above and beyond!

I ain’t getting no booster shots!

My vaccination record better be enough to travel!

If it’s Boeing, I ain’t going!

(The test my doc ordered checks for clots in the lungs – been breathing okay – but she wants to make sure. Although there has been a few times I’ve struggled to take a breath).

Covid related all this.

To the guy who misses me – I miss you too. You’re my incentive to get better.

I think you may be the reason I’m still alive.

I’m bonded to you.


I don’t even know how I could’ve gotten through all the pain I was going through and have been going through – without you.

The physical pain, the emotional, and the fears.

You’ve kept me stabilized.

My every atom wants to reach you.


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