Apparently getting lots of sleep is a side effect of the COVID vaccinations 👀

I haven’t slept since war in 2003 👀

But now that I’m semi-dying I can’t get enough sleep 👀

There are random times that my eyelids become so heavy I feel like I’m moving into my final rest 👀

Like, this may be the last time I lay down 👀

Like I’m dying 👀

But it’s a side effect of the vaccinations and can go on for weeks 👀

Lethargy 👀

From insomniac to I can’t get enough sleep 👀

*runs to the CDC website to check to see if lethargy is listed as a side effect* 👀

It is not 👀

Well, it does list “tiredness”, the CDC like to sugarcoat it though.

Tired 👀

I’m sorry but I can’t come into work today because “I’m tired”. 👀

Did you get any sleep?

Yeah, like 19 hours but I’m tired. 👀

Good luck keeping that job. 👀

Good luck getting a job that isn’t Big Corporation (which are mainly owned and ran by people from other countries who come here and pay all their people top dollar while paying the Americans minimum wage and rarely giving pay raises or using the recommended pay and reward systems 👀

(They don’t even give proper rest breaks) 👀

(Trump wasn’t wrong about them taking our jobs) 👀

*remembers I had to yell at my nurse to take this seriously because people are dying from this and I need to know if it is related to the shots*

*doc said yesterday that she looked into the side effects and what I am going through IS RELATED to COVID*

*it’s not in my fucking head*

The “No Child Left Behind Act” means everybody follows the rules and no one goes above and beyond to see what is going on with people when they’re having rare symptoms 👀

Including most people still plugged into the system 👀

But my doctor woke 👀

(And it’s really hard to find one in the VA)

I reminded my doctor yesterday that I am an old school Army medic and they don’t make us like they used to 👀

I was basically a nurse – I was EMT certified but trained to do a whole lot more on Soldiers than civilians 👀

The military have their on judicial system 👀

They have their own training system too 👀

I was a combat medic for half my career 👀

(7 1/2 years but remained the “medic” any time we had range or needed an extra hat to remind people to stay hydrated) 👀

I did way more than that 👀

They had me in charge of drug prevention and giving random urine test 👀

I got paid the big moneys in the Department of Defense 👀

I might’ve fell with the great economic collapse like the great fucking depression 👀

But I still remember all my training 👀

My resume is 4 pages long 👀

I was a super Soldier 👀

Now I’m super dying and it is COVID related my doctor confirmed 👀

I’m not losing my mind 👀

It’s not all in my head 👀

You might not see what is happening to me and you might not read about it on the CDC website but it is actually real 👀

(And you may need to find a good nurse or doctor who gets this) 👀

(If you know something is wrong but you aren’t getting the answers you need about your car or your marriage or your body, then you might wanna think about changing who you’re working with because they might not be very good at their job, maybe they’re just average at their job, maybe they do a pretty decent job but nothing more) 👀

I’ve read articles where teenage children burned in a house that was burning down simply because the mom said “stay”. 👀

I don’t listen to anything my parents say 👀

My skill sets are not like yours 👀

I only speak the truth 👀

It feels nice to wake up though to know that there’s at least one other individual out there who knows that what is going on with me is COVID-19 related 👀

I didn’t need to know that all this started after my first and second doses, there was already a correlation there even tho the CDC doesn’t list “blood clots” as a possible side effect and people are dying from it.

(Including Moderna) 👀

I’m “tired” because my BP (blood pressure) keeps dropping (which is why I get extremely cold but being “cold” isn’t listed on the CDC website) 👀

Dying is not listed as a possible side effect of vaccinations even though people are actually dying from these vaccines 👀

This pandemic was completely manmade but that’s an entirely different fucking argument that my heart cannot get into right now because it’s too fucking tired even though it slept through the night 👀

So if you are feeling “tired” after being vaccinated, it’s a side effect that can go on FOR WEEKS. 👀

And if your body feels like Antarctica even though you live in Florida and it’s 93° outside and you’re not running your air conditioning –

You might be dying 👀

(I hope you have somebody who can keep you suspended between heaven and earth or hell because I believe him and my doctor are the only reason I’m alive)

Him, my doctor, and aspirin 👀

(And what’s even scarier is when you’re going through all this and nobody believes you)

“Well, I didn’t read that on the CDC website”

Nor did I 😩

(But my doctor confirmed it’s Covid related)

It’s not in my head

It’s in my heart


She said a heart can heal itself like a bone!

It wasn’t all bad news!

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