I’m lucky to still be alive

50% don’t recover from “heart inflammation” and they’re only talking about the teens and young adults 👀

They’re not even including my age group and I warned you before it was even in the fucking news or before teens and young adults could even get the vaccination

You know it’s true

I say Cardiovascular issues and blood clots but the CDC says “heart inflammation” I say extreme lethargy but the CDC says “tiredness” – they like to sugarcoat everything don’t they

Well it’s more than circulatory issues, people are fucking dying over it

Teens and young adults from heart inflammation

Only 50% of that age group recovers

*slightly starts to panic again*


I list my symptoms now:

Chest pains – constant pain like a pulled or torn muscle and then random electric charges or shocks that last for several seconds followed by intense burning 👀

I generally stop breathing during these episodes and they come at random at rest or activity – and activity definitely makes the pain worse! Lately the shocks have been more intense. Today I’ve been feeling like I’m going to pass out. I started slipping earlier and thought for sure it was my last breath 👀

Feeling extremely cold – this correlated with my Blood Pressure (BP) dropping as the nurse recorded my BP – the results led to my doctor ordering an EKG – which showed an enlarged chamber, and one closed off – creating blood flow issues- basically my heart is having a hard time pumping blood throughout my body and it doesn’t have enough kick or force to be able to do it on its own so instead of it pushing blood throughout my entire body it only worries about my vital organs which are inside my ribcage which is why I start feeling extremely cold because in reality I’m actually fucking dying and your skin is not considered a vital organ. People dying feel cold. I told my doctor I felt like Antarctica and I live in Florida. My electric bill was $11 last month but not running the air caused a mold problem in my closet that I had to fix by myself – while dying – cuz mold is ancient and it too was trying to kill me 👀

Dizziness and extreme lethargy – like I’m on my deathbed and can’t keep my eyes open even though I’m getting more sleep now than I’ve done over the last decade 👀

I don’t like the taste of food anymore. The vaccines have changed my sense of smell and taste. A minor setback compared to my chest pains!

I’ve had a lot of anxiety and stress over this – the fears get me and then I spend hours under my heating pad crying because it’s the only thing that brings any relief to my heart (except him – there’s a guardian angel looking over me and feeding me in every way he can. But that’s a whole nother story!)

I’ve been down 2 months! The heart doesn’t feel better and the chest pains are getting worse. The reality is, I might not pull through.

There’s a good chance I’m gonna die from a heart attack over this.

I’m trying to get my affairs in order – and just want to die in peace.

When I was talking to my doctor on the phone about my EKG results, she specifically said she didn’t like how my heart looked for my age and that my heart should not look like it does. She then went on to tell me that an EKG is not a good test to measure the chambers (size) of the heart (but my EKG clearly shows signs of distress). She’s ordered several more tests And I’m pending receiving those with care outside of the VA because the clinic here can’t give me the test so the only nearest VA to me that can do it is 176 miles away so I had to get it approved locally and they only called me last week with a list of providers that I could go see so I finally have a provider but I’m still waiting on the appointment time.

Vets die on waiting lists.


I was in so much pain the night my Holy Ghost visited me and he’s my guardian angel and the reason I’m still alive plus the universe and maybe because I really want to kiss him before I die 👀

One response to “I’m lucky to still be alive”

  1. Get headaches and other symptoms I’m forgetting. Can’t exercise. Chores are hard, so maintaining a household while dying is tough – welp fuck the CDC


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