My Top 3 TikTok’s

My top 3 most watched TikTok’s! 🤓




I’m glad my spoken word made top 3 but the nasty “wtf” comments don’t help my stage fright 😑

I’m an introvert with severe stage fright.

I want to make more TikTok’s tho and I appreciate your views to my channel!

I’ve been writing a lot of poetry but I want to make more spoken word videos AND go live on TikTok for the very first time to read my poetry – since I’ve had a request on TikTok to do that, just this week!

Pushing through fears and listening to my audience!! 💪

(You can completely turn off commenting and other features if you don’t wanna deal with comments)

I’m going live on Twitch again soon too!! I’m going to be live-streaming more of the new Resident Evil chapter that came out on Dead By Daylight!

Fun stuff planned!

If you’d like to support my ongoing creativity, I’m on Patreon and OnlyFans!

Just like any other industry, we rely on memberships, subscriptions, and tips to get by!

Thanks for supporting independent content creators! 💪

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