Vaccine mandates + why you should turn off ad tracking everywhere

They’re starting to put restrictions on unvaccinated people, no entry mandates

Told you

So let’s just not go

Over 40% of the unvaccinated US population hold so much power currently

Don’t let them fearmonger you

Your body, your choice!

If we’re doing all this simply to have electricity, well I’m ready to live without it honey


I’m vaccinated but I still could get somebody sick and I got hit with heart inflammation because they chose to not let the population know that it was causing heart damage and people have died from it and people have gotten hurt from it and they have silenced and shunned us from communicating and letting you know because they turned this vaccine into peer pressure and big brother is illuminati owned

They may not be knocking down your door like Hitler, but it’s the same thing with mandates

I’m sure there’s someone else who could do a better job of telling you what it is I’m about to tell you but I need you to listen and hear 💪

I’ve turned off ad tracking on every app I’m currently on and in the system of my iPhone itself

Apple ad tracking is found under your settings on your iPhone (mine was under privacy)
Apple ad tracking is found under your settings on your iPhone (mine was under privacy)

I’m no longer on android because you cannot uninstall Facebook from the device itself and big bro has penalized me and took away my freedom of speech so I no longer support android

Mark Zuckerberg is starting to have way too much control with his little social media mind control game (both Biden and Trump say the aps are toxic)

I’m making it extremely hard for them to track me through ads and I am not giving them permission to do so

It’s getting ridiculous and clear that ads infringe on our privacy and rights and most everyone seems cool with it

Yet most of the ads that we do find on Facebook, Instagram, or even TikTok or Twitter are spam and people are coming on saying it’s spam so I’m sure it’s somebody from India who has learned how to trick the account and use us to get our money.

Most of the ads are spam and junk

I am not such a consumer where I’m having a conversation with someone on Twitter and then head to Instagram and there’s an ad pop up for what we were just talking about. I don’t need that sort of control in my life.

I can make decisions of what I want to buy on my own

They are using ads to manipulate us and legally spy on us

Well I’m making it hard for them to legally spy on me and that’s why I’m turning off all those things and I’ll just stop using the app if enforced

Instagram has sneaked in a bunch of new updates so go check out your settings – on Twitter and FB too (I’m sure any app you are using, I’ve downsized)

I had to unselect a bunch of ad stuff that they sneaked in and was already activated – I unselected the ad choice options on Instagram and they sneak in updates like this all the time

Instagram, Facebook and Twitter are so toxic and both Trump and Biden are calling Facebook toxic and Big Bro (Mark Zuckerberg Illuminati owned) is butt hurt over these accusations


Let’s start boycotting these corporations who micromanage our every move and even what we’re allowed to post or say

At least turn off the ad tracking – you could start there.

They will still bombard you with the same amount of ads but they’re not gonna be able to track what you do and say even though they will still be tracking it illegally but you’ve not given them permission to do so on the apps and on your phone…

Anybody can make an ad and track you

You’re giving hackers, spammers, thefts, the boogeyman access to track you

What’s the point in having all that security in your home if you’re just gonna give them a Birdseye view from your devices?

Do you really need to be eye raped by that ad that’s probably likely spam which is why there’s a ton of people who fell for it and they’re leaving comments about how it’s spam, they never got the item, or it doesn’t work or blah blah blah

If you see an ad where comments are turned off, beware.

Ads are red flags

Why are you giving them permission to be in your phone? Have you actually read what it means, have you gone under Twitter and read what permissions you’re giving them to track you with?

When has an ad changed your life?

Turn if off

So if you need help finding anything just reach out to me and I’ll do my best to help you or to help you find the answer

I recently switched to an iPhone for the first time after being a Samsung/Android user and reason number 1 was the fact that you cannot uninstall the Facebook application from the device

Woah 👎👎

But I’m also finding that there’s been a lot of security threats all around with the safety of phones in general

This was a fairly scary article to read but wasn’t shocking that the attacks are coming from the Middle East / Asia) 🙄


There are a lot of people out there that doesn’t have the IQ or intelligence that we have or the critical thinking skills so they’re being manipulated and taken from their money and it’s not a positive experience for them and it’s young people and old people and middle-age people, they know how to use words and steal identity or money

Please turn off ad tracking everywhere, you are legally letting hackers spy on you through ad campaigns

It’s really scary if I’m honest

These ads are tracking and manipulating our children, not just us

What’s the point of even locking your doors at night when we’re letting the bogeyman spy on us through ad tracking?

But can we please stop having them spam us, turn the ads off please, for the love of God, turn the ad tracking off!!!!

*takes a deep breath*

I am an American soldier and I am trying to protect the American way of life, which is completely under threat right now

Please wake up

And turn off ad tracking everywhere

Safety first

You’re letting strangers track you through ads

Turn it off, tell your friends

I love you

Reporting the important topics to you today from ground zero: my bed

Haven’t even brushed my tooths yet – just thought you should be aware of how dangerous ad tracking really is because nobody’s telling you or talking about it

And I was trained in the army that safety is everybody’s job and it’s everybody’s place to let people know when there’s a safety issue so knock knock, safety issue, turn your ad tracking off

You don’t need it, I promise you

And go help your mom turn their ad tracking off and help your children and your friends, spread the word, let’s make it difficult for these assholes to spam us, spy on us, take our money, give us bad days

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