I am not ashamed


There are people out there who try to make me feel bad for doing nude modeling for art

And film is something I’ve ALWAYS been interested in.

I shot a lot for my dad when I was a teenager – living in Nashville, Tennessee and hanging out on tour buses

Gig life is the number one reason I’m alive

I’ve been behind the camera all my life

It’s just other people were always the subject, not me, so it’s been an interesting journey growing up and getting in touch with my femininity because I was a hard-core Soldier for many many years

I’m making art

I also love cosplay and try to be theatrical in everything I do

I studied Drama in high-school

I still audition for shit and I’ve been doing auditions all my life

If I were making movies and had like an intimate scene with somebody, I would be nude

I don’t understand the big deal or why so many people want to call me a whore but I’m not ashamed

The feedback I’ve been getting has improved my overall self-esteem and how I see myself

I’ve been body shamed a lot in my life because I am not plastic

By men who didn’t even have anything going for them really

And it affected me my entire life

So, I may act a child but I don’t know what it’s really like to be a woman and that’s what I’m discovering

Over and out


Psst still planning a nude tier on Patreon! Going 18+ there soon!

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