John Jones / Nutty Putty Cave (RIP)

I’ve been up two days now trying to understand why John Jones crawled into that fucking hole the way he did to his death and I have read article after article and I watched a movie on it and I’ve read blog posts on it and I have 1000% come to the conclusion that the manager Michael Leavitt is responsible for John Jones’ death due to narcissism and gaslighting

This is 1000% what bad management and gaslighting in the environment looks like

My two centsπŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡

On a side-note, I have claustrophobia because I was inside an evil womb and experienced a period of consciousness while I was inside before I broke out into a world of narcissism and gaslighting and it’s no wonder I live in a fucking world of confusion and my third eye has a hard time tuning in to the correct frequency and vibrations

I’ve also came to the conclusion that I broke into this timeline to evade dying from my mysterious death via Big Pharma

Breaking into a timeline would take a lot of energy and speed like me moving 80 mph with 1000 bands of electricity fucking striking my vehicle with all its windows down

And you know this happened because I blogged about it for 2 weeks

I was mostly concerned that I didn’t have any iodine in the house and how much radiation I potentially took in

I was going on about how brother Thor was pinching me or waking me up

Well I have joined the great awakening and I am in the timeline that I need to be in right now

I’ve also come to the understanding that I’m on a different level of consciousness than other people who may be on a lower level plane of consciousness because they have different levels of learning that they need to do

There have been several times in my life I have predicted events to happen before they occurred and there are people witness to this

At first, I thought I was responsible because I thought it

But no

Everything that will happen has already happened

I’m only here to understand why I made the choice

I know how I’m going to die because it’s already happened but I jumped into this timeline to prevent my mysterious death occurring prematurely because of the fucking evil narcissism going on in the world- but hey – welcome to the great awakening, my name is Delia, I love you!

How am I going to die?

I’ve always felt it would be suicide or heart failure

I was depressed in the womb

I’m that program in the matrix doing what it’s not supposed to be doing!!!

Knock knock, Neo

The Great Filter is upon us!!!

And I get chill bumps all over my body including right now just for mentioning it!

Anytime I mention it or the great awakening I get chill bumps so that’s a sign that I’m tuned into the right frequency

John died due to the gaslighting that occurred at Nutty Putty cave

I feel like I’ve been stuck in that exact part of the cave

I feel like him and I come from the same being

He kept making grave mistake after mistake because he thought he was gonna wind up in a big grand opening, he thought he was in a different part of the cave that was never listed on the map and he made a lot of bad choices because it had been years since he’d been caving and he’d grown into a big boy

He didn’t deserve to die like that and two people got stuck in that same area but the management never did anything about it, they just kept gaslighting the entire population until someone died and it closed (His continuous victim blaming excuses, “they should’ve known, they should’ve known” but he left it off the fucking map!!!! Gaslighting!!! It doesn’t matter how fucking skilled you are at something, if somebody is gaslighting you that you fucking trust you make inaccurate decisions!!!

Instead of giving verbal warnings or even marking that section as unavailable

Instead, the manager victim blames until someone actually died and the cave was closed as John’s permanent tomb

I fucking hate you

I hate my mother and my sister too and I want to eradicate every fucking narcissist sniffing around this goddamn planet, even if it means eradicating culture


Welcome to the Great Undoing πŸ™Œ

P.S. I even wrote him a little poem 😞

11 responses to “John Jones / Nutty Putty Cave (RIP)”

  1. He literally tried the earth on for size and became part of the cave that day due to terrible management, narcissism, and gaslighting.


  2. And there’s something so familiar about this case that it feels like dΓ©jΓ  vu even though I didn’t know anything about it before two days ago


  3. In some ways I feel like he knew he had already made a grave mistake but continued inching forward cementing his death to certainty


  4. And you can tell from the managers comments from the event about how fucking insensitive and heartless he is – he has no ounce of care that John died nor does he take any responsibility for it, even though Michael is 1000% responsible for managing that cave with gaslighting and his death!!!!


  5. The rescuers felt responsible for his death but not the manager who continues to victim blame because he is a narcissist and he gaslit the entire population by leaving off that section on the map!


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