Mass Unknown (poetry)

Are we expanding faster than light?
Am I dark energy for the words you write?
Sitting on the edge of creation
To you; I am radiation?

© Delia Ross. 2021 / @poeeternal

I don’t know where I come from, who I am, or what I mean to anyone 😩

All my comrades are dying by the same thing which afflicts me

Many of us unplugged after 9/11

But we didn’t know we’ve been fighting for all the foreigners to take our best jobs

For the housing and rental market to be rigged

We were fighting for equality, not for the world to be overrun with male homosexuality and anal sex

I mean now they’re fighting wars from a fucking computer and they’re taking out random people and then letting those entire families who have grown up in violent environments to come over here and live the American dream which is actually slavery for the Americans born here

Also, they shove Big Pharma down our throats which makes us more suicidal and homicidal

And India is the number one manufacturer of drugs and vaccines in the world and despite that they can’t even manage their own country and the Delta virus (that’s because this whole thing has been rigged by them so that they can make money because we were becoming too holistic, we were becoming too free, we were becoming too independent, we didn’t need the fucking system, we didn’t want the fucking system, and now they’re making us relied on it so people are checking out instead because we don’t fucking wanna do it the way they are forcing us to do it)

Nobody wants to work 2 to 3 crappy jobs just to pay our rent and electric while everybody else gets to live rent and mortgage free and y’all keep raising our rent thinking we’re going to keep fucking doing this our entire life

When most of us followed the rules and now are stuck with student loans but we get to watch all the foreigners take all our jobs that we worked so hard for them to have 👀

Tell them to take their “2 year paid tuition” and shove it up their ass

You’ll just be met with hiring freezes

The Bible is the biggest pyramid scheme of all, it is simply designed to play on your emotions and to take your money (same with porn and “BBC” porn is racist as fuck and just absolutely wrong).

It needs to be banned and outlawed

You don’t need the Bible manipulating and controlling your every move

Private home mailing addresses should be private, businesses should not be allowed to continue to tear down the rain forest to send us coupons that we didn’t opt in for

Life isn’t about buying stuff

There’s more to life than TV and porn

Suicide is the only logical escape from this nightmare

I don’t want to do earth again

Don’t reprogram me

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