Signal Loss Detected

Signal loss detected
Confusion now projected
My heart, I guess he kept it
And soul, he’s there and rested?

Β© Delia Ross. 2021 / @poeeternal

My laptop arrived but I wasn’t happy with the one I received so I am going to attempt a replacement, instead of a return, I’m going to give it a second chance.

I’ve already started the process so I’ll be without a computer for a little bit longer.

Sometimes you have to be patient for the things you want and give up on things when they aren’t going the way they should

I know you want to believe that God is going to save you and you would die for that belief but that’s not how it works

And the people around you will gaslight you all the way into a hole and then they’ll pretend to shed a crocodile tear that they feel bad

And if you’re lucky, you might wind up having your grave turned into a national memorial for one

They won’t even pull you out of the hole when you’re dead

Naw, it’s Thanksgiving. Let’s give him a plaque and go eat turkey

Who cares that people were stuck in that exact spot and like we could’ve prevented a death


Or you can just go completely mad and die naked in the street and then get tossed in an unmarked box in an unmarked grave and then 200 years later people will finally bury you with a plaque but also start selling your hair as a curse or token of luck like they did with Poe πŸ‘€

And what I learned from the Titanic situation, is that is happening all over the world, all the time, in record numbers, like in Miami when the building fell down while people were trying to sleep

Or with Boeing falling out of the sky

Because instead of them building a bigger plane to hold the engine, they put software on the plane to gaslight and trick the plane into believing it could fly with the engine where it was πŸ‘€

And if you’re sleeping with popcorn ceiling, they were cutting corners there as well

And poor John Jones, they will gaslight us into a dark hole

And then blame us for not knowing better than to crawl in there in the first place πŸ‘€

It’s our fault they cheat, it’s our fault we fall

Oh my God, “John, there are over 100 rescue personnel outside who are going to stand around and do nothing to get you out of that hole”

Bet they all got paid πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘Ž

Ok, God did crack the sky with thunder there

Apophis is on the return

And don’t be gaslit or fooled that you shouldn’t be concerned about the 2066 approach

I’m buying land and a computer

I’m starting a commune

With lots of lots of trees because they provide oxygen and the devil can’t stand Apple cider vinegar

Change ‘one apple a day’ to two shots of apple cider vinegar and you’ll be good to go

Eve was a witch, she had a garden πŸ‘€

They tried to smear her name

Just like society teaches men to shame women every single day and they do this with the Bible which is very sexist and with porn which is very degrading towards women

Every fashion trend out there is to appeal to the male chauvinistic guy or to the male homosexual

Britney Spears, BeyoncΓ©, they all use the women as tools to sell fashion for the male homosexual (and obviously to push makeup)

Because the world is a fucking stage for the narcissist and they expect us to bow down to them everywhere, at every moment, at any time and give them our money every second of the day

Wait, this was supposed to be a love poem about being completely lost because you’re gone but yet knowing you’ll never leave because you’ll always be inside me πŸ‘€

Welp. You’ve got my heart.

Can haz back? πŸ€”

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