Freestyled it in the Atlantic – thank you for over 1K plays (in under 24 hours)

This was such a blessing to wake up to!

My first poem on TikTok has reached over 1000 plays in under 24 hours!

I was so worried about posting it because my eyebrows look so messy and bushy 😌

But it was all about timing, being able to get the lines out where you could actually hear me because the ocean was really loud and I don’t have my little clip on microphone yet and I didn’t want it to sound wind muffy

The tide was super strong pulling away 💪

It pulls out with so much gravity just like you

I have to be careful not to lose my footing

It took all the courage I had just to get off the ramp and get into the ocean knowing that there’s a whole lot more ocean than normal

People are out there swimming and I’m terrified knee deep 👀

I mean, it pulls back with so much force

A tide within a tide

Of course, a black hole would have a similar path

Like Jupiter and its great red spot, a storm within a storm

I don’t know how people are swimming in it, I’m terrified

The ocean swelled up just like my heart

I also received a blog notification that my stats were booming 🥰

Well I really appreciate that!

I love your visits! I promise to come visit you soon! ❤️

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