Honeycomb (poetry)

You glow in wavelengths invisible to human eye
You pull with gravity of a triple tide
These ruins I’m sinking only spell goodbye
Your light reflect like honeycomb dripping through my mind

© Delia Ross. 2021 / @poeeternal

So many patterns everywhere

Life isn’t evolving on earth

Look around

Everything is going extinct

They can’t stop spraying their chemicals everywhere so we’ll come crawling to them so they’ll give us medicine to make us more sick

Our air and food is toxic

And y’all just keep worshiping these scientists and politicians who are ruining mother earth

They have no soul

Most of the people that you’re trying to please all of the time don’t even have a soul

If businesses can’t start being nice to the customers again, I’m gonna stop spending my pennies out

I realize the employees are burned out, but if y’all don’t get it under control you’re not gonna have any customers to serve because we’re not going to come anymore

Many of us want to leave like in the old days

We don’t want this life

It’s not safe or healthy living in a city anymore

We didn’t give up growing our own food to work 2 to 3 jobs to barely pay our electric bill and rent just so you could poison all of our food and air so that we would come to you because you get all our best jobs in medicine

If I had known as a teenager that we were giving over 55,000 visas annually to random people in foreign countries, I would not have been fighting so hard to get to the top

Society is a sham

America equals generica

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