The Ocean Now Parted

Has the ocean now parted
In halves opened wide
The way my heart you guarded
The sea your favorite guide

Where names are merely whispers
The treasure’s in the air
But leaving hope in fissures
No other love compare

© Delia Ross. 2021 / @poeeternal

One of the first things I do when I wake up in the morning is pee and write a poem

My eyes are still fuzzy wuzzy

But I love you 😌

You won’t believe me but you saved my life after my heart swelled up and I was in so much pain – nobody knew

But you arrived that night and released chemicals in me at light speeds

One of my chambers closed off with clots and another chamber stretched wide 👀

I was suspended in between heaven and earth

My blood pressure had dropped

My body was ice cold

But internally, you had things on fire

I literally reverted back to being a salmon swimming up the stream with her fucking eggs dying

Get up the stream

Have babies

All I know is there are things inside me trying to get to you

It’s not just me that needs you, there’s like one billion atoms in me trying to reach you

Even though I’ve isolated myself and am in quarantine for the foreseeable future

Dying and writing poetry are my only motives these days and the two are pretty much the same

It’s like breathing

Gonna die loving you ❤️‍🩹

Yeti is still in the box, gonna set her up soon! 🤩

Happy holidays!!

I’ve got a vegan eggnog recipe I want to try!

I fucking love eggnog especially if you add the brandy or whatever top liquor that goes in it

And Christmas eggnog is about the only time I drink poison alcohol 🍺

But it’s tradition at this point for me to enjoy a good nog or three for the holidays

There’s also a cinnamon butterscotch that I want to try (you use real butter and cinnamon)

Let’s get fat!!! I iz hungerz!!!

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