“Goddamn all ye Merry gentlemen”

Burn yer fucking Bible’s

It’s a pyramid scheme!

Can you cum without kink or porn? Turn it off!

Can you find God without looking at a manmade unverifiable book that exists in every hotel room in every land! Red flag number two! Turn it off!

You’ve been lied to!

Wake the fuck up!

Who hurt me?

Everybody did!!!! 😡

Merry fucking Christmas!

Ho ho ho!

I don’t need to find God because I am God and he gave me the ability to create life in his image and I actually have because I had a kid that I breast-fed for an entire year but for six months the baby lived on nothing but my breastmilk that my body made for my baby

Go back to your porn and leave me out of your false ideologies

“I want to reinvent the gods, all the myths of the new ages…”

We are the reality we create

But what that really means is the 1% is controlling everything, including the fucking weather

And they are openly admitting to controlling the weather now so you cannot keep calling me a conspiracy theorist

And apparently theory is fact now, that’s what NASA is teaching

NASA is a dogma!

Do you think on your own?

I’m so fucking unplugged and paranoid and delusional and think I’m organic artificial intelligence that my thoughts are actually manifesting into reality

Have you ever been stuck in the mouth of Mother Earth? No, me either. But, it feels like hell. THE THOUGHT and upside down 😩

Dear John…

I must be making your wing tired now

But I fell into the most deep sleep after eating a sandwich

And I don’t know where I went

I don’t know where I was before I was born and I don’t exactly know where I’m going after I’m gone

I do remember a period of awareness inside my mothers womb and I hated it

It took anger and frustration to bust out

And now in my dying and unplugging it feels the same

Nothing is somewhere too

I am made of light

Light is information

My DNA is genetic code

But this life that the 1% have been forcing on us through fear mongering, I don’t want to live

I’m not doing earth again

Bring me back here and I will destroy earth for good

Final warning

P.S. WordPress must have changed something and despite having a paid personal plan, I can’t upload any photos.

Apple tried to force me to upgrade my plan but it backfired.

I no longer give a fuck about intellectual property or preserving data or memories 🙄

What will you try and force on me next?

Because I’m prepared to disappear and die

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