The Downside (A song)

Can't sleep, wrote some song lyrics

Demon Star

He's got a black heart


An angel dies in hell trying to save a demon she loved


Slaves any way you cut it...

Emotional Blackmail

What if I told you her methods are emotional blackmail.

Black Tongue

"Sometimes a cigar is a cigar" and a liar is a liar. Narcissism 101

Heartbreak Hotel

He was the best and worst thing to enter my life, like a flash flood destroying all the good but making room for growth.

Narcissism 2.0

Don't believe a word they say....

My Sunday, how’s yours going?

I am a victim of criminal mischief


An angel with no mercy, sin I will cut

Wicked Games

He's just like all the rest... wicked


He keeps chasing his tail, he has no self-worth

A Visit From Lu Part 7

A Visit From Lu Part 7!!!


I might be his druidess but he is stubborn to his own demise


He loves us, he loves us not


Where do I put the love?




Just a little poem about ego

Loss For Words

Unrequited love chapter 666


Hope is a fragile thing


The end of times is upon us and I'm over the bullshit


A micropoem about regret and anger

Truth Comes Hard

Truth makes noise (early morning ramble + snap)

Darkness Falls

A poem about dark hearts


Your love is a supermassive black hole


Possible trigger warning. Depression and suicide is the subject. Be warned. Including original digi art of myself.


The problem with being a fallen angel is sometimes you bite when you don't mean to. Sometimes we cast the wrong spell & summon the wrong demons inside us. (The truth is, I never want to hurt him. I just want to love him the way I was intended to love him).

Event Horizon

I imagine getting pulled into a black hole must feel exactly like depression and anxiety.

Ingredients for Ruin

How to kill a heart (a poem; not an actual recipe- or is it? πŸ€”)


A poem about sneakery and lying. Narcissism. Snakey habits.

Love Like Russian Roulette

His love is like Russian Roulette For all he's had and still not found love yet Under his reign I had many debts The lost and wounded are his favorite pet's Losing you won't give him any regrets He's already forgotten you I bet His love was like Russian Roulette It doesn't matter if they … Continue reading Love Like Russian Roulette


Take heed my warning For death is coming The skies are painted red Mud instead is raining And burying the dead No amount of training Prepared for the bloodshed Β© Delia Ross. 2019