Melting point

I’m past my boiling point

If you can’t see by now that I’m sick of being micromanaged and thought controlled, then I don’t know what to tell you

It’s clear I’m only alive so a portion of the population can have “assets” and never work or break a sweat

And I’ve had to work 2 to 3 jobs my entire life just to have a roof over my head and life wouldn’t have been this expensive if I had just of gotten married which is also another form of slavery and maybe I would’ve got married if men knew how to be loyal or at least not abusive

They are beyond cruel in mannerism, filthy sloth pigs, over egotistical, consistently turning to fake porn for fulfillment, always gaslighting and lying, terrible to those trying to love and care for them, knowing that by being a piece of shit, we will work harder to maintain affection in the relationship, when the truth is they are void and without soul

They only know how to mirror what you want (parents/ co-workers included)

Men could provide

But they haven’t been taught how to harness positive sexual energy and the Bible and porn teaches them to treat women like they do which is why the Me Too movement is where it’s at now (extremely large and growing)

Many women don’t even want to identify as a woman because of how bad we are treated, they’re literally identifying as men now, they don’t even want to live as a woman because of how terrible it is to be born as woman and be around man

And Asia is basically the root of all my fucking problems right now

Especially that because of their stupid “one child law” rule, many female babies were aborted (yes killed) over preference to male babies being born and now there’s more men in China than there are women πŸ›‘βœ‹πŸ›‘ (safety alert)

This is what your scientists and politicians do

The doctors and nurses you worship calling heroes

Hero for what? Following orders? Hail Hitler 😑

If Trump decides to run for office again, I might actually vote this time, because it’s all a fucking joke

I want to live life so petty that I have the most tacky Christmas decorations in my yard just so I can annoy my atheist neighbors, that’s the kind of tacky I want to live

But I don’t own my own house, I’m stuck renting

But I may force myself into homelessness and just go live in the fucking woods πŸ™„

Maybe I’ll just go drown myself in the ocean

I’m only alive as a sex object to other men but I’m not allowed to make any money as a sex object for men

No that won’t do


In every sense of the word

Wasted my entire twenties and thirties trying to prove to shitty men that I was worth building a home with

I’m not okay but I’m well πŸ‘

*jumps from bridge*

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