Big boy bayonet

Look at this bad boi that arrived from my Amazon wishlist today! 🤩

Military M-9 Bayonet

Mirror mirror on the wall / who’s got the baddest bayonet of them all 🤩

Thank you so much for the amazing safety gifts from my Wishlist!

Safety first! 💪

I was reading an article where the chief said that couple did everything they needed to do to be safe but I didn’t hear anything about them trying to spray him with mace or anything so

I’m definitely not victim blaming

But he gutted two humans in the street and he doesn’t look like he’s got a scratch

He’s not sorry, don’t believe him

He claims there was no motive so he’ll probably get the maximum death penalty in Florida and that likely scares him so he’s going to say what he thinks needs to be said so that he can continue to receive three meals a day and a roof over his head

He’s not sorry…

He’s just doing what his lawyer says

Not saying nothing


I love my new bayonet, thank you so much!

My neighbor knocked on my door and asked if I could go get her some sodas from the gas station and she offered to pay me $10 so I agreed that I would go do it because to be honest I could use the 10 bucks and I really don’t want to wind up gutted in the street

I’ve also been putting together a bag of food for her because I’ve been doing that for a long time

I went and did a food donation Friday and I’m going to some churches around here that does food donations because I’m calling the 211 number and finding out which ones are in the zones so I can get stocked up but I’ve been sharing with my neighbor

I actually try for peace ☮️

Soldiers above all pray for peace

I don’t want to have to use force but I will

Look at this bad boy

And I have to be super careful because both of them are sharp and the bayonet is heavy

Now I need to go see the chaplain and have him bless all of my items

And me as well

Armed and dangerous 🤩

And trained by the United States Army

Thank you for having my 6!


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