Daytona Beach couple found with throats slashed were riding bikes home, police say

Police here say at first, they thought it was a hit and run, but then, saw that the man and woman both had slashed throats.
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A video of the couple. They looked so sweet and happy. Another hate crime. From a person of “unknown race”. Whatever.

They just bought a beach house 6 months ago. They rode bikes instead of motorcycles because they wanted to drink.

Another responsible couple who was murdered.

Racism started in Africa. Slavery started in Africa.

White lives matter.

But stop going out of your way to prove you’re not racist to a race that is racist.

I’m armed and dangerous.

Stay the fuck away from me!

You’ll have more than the Daytona Beach police looking for you if you mess with me.

Furthermore, take me down and I will ensure you go down as well.

I keep telling people this city is dangerous.

White folks being murdered left and right.

We just wanna live in peace.

Self-defense is allowed and will not send me to another hell.

I don’t even have a criminal record so it’ll be pretty easy to defend in the court.

But the Army trained me with Army men. I fought and trained with the big boys.

I know how to fire the big toys.

I’m an excellent aim, moving targets and all.

Even wearing a gas mask with my m16 cocked to its side while firing.

Got the best shot of everyone in my unit.

Don’t fook with me.

I was at the range twice a year over 15 years with the Army.

Wounded but can still fight.

They trained me with a baronet too!

I’m so sad for this couple who potentially had many years of their life left.

The system is designed to protect the enemy.

Just like healhcare is deathcare.

Narcissism should be illegal.

Can I have my own state? Free of porn? And political tyranny?

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