Long-awaited (poetry)

The earth is the ether
Everything we’ve done laid beneath her

Observation changes outcome
But never what I’ve done
I’ll never get to hold your son
We’ll never get to live as one…

Find someone who wants to love you and let them love you good
Don’t do stuff to hurt them and treat them like you should

I can see your shadow
Reflecting off the ground
I can see your body
Though nobody is around

Not all heroes wear a cape
Some smiling faces full of ache
A soldier’s weapon ain’t his blade
Might find him praying in the shade
One might grow up but still not age

Discoloration in the grass
I know he bled her last

The poet’s hope is a shield of nope

I sleep with knife under pillow
One eye on the blade
Certifications are dusty
I still made the grade!

I knew I would die before I was born
I entered life with so much scorn

I obviously wasn’t happy about coming here (why) (what did I know) (remember who you are)

Even mountains crumble
God can make a rumble

I sleep with a Glock
I keep the safety off

He came down from Orlando
Took the bus though
Sat by the window?

Not home no more
From life to morgue

How do you know me?
Been only suffering…

There’s static energy in the air
I can still feel it there
I can feel it everywhere

English is the language of the Illuminati.
Numbers and spells, but their words never haunt me!

If it moves like a snake, it might be sly
If it’s blue as a lake, it could be sky…

For me, death was failure and not an option
Life not an auction

Still heart was throbbing
Lung decomposing

But soul was hoping
That he still loved me
Forever eternity

We are born without clothing
So why call me unholy

How long does it take for a soul to decompose?
Could you let my twin flame know?

I want to break out of the zero energy field
All the sin you yield

The end is a human construct, time doesn’t exist. Remember this.

A soldier is best dressed with guns and knives;
I don’t tell no lies

He came by bus, left by feet
Thought he was discreet

© Delia Ross. 2022 / @poeeternal

They added a third charge. Illegal immigration. And what, now he gets a free home in the US forever paid for by us? No. Off with his head.

They said he sliced their necks open so far he almost decapitated both of them

And now he gets free dental, sunshine, and housing

While the vets are homeless and starving

Like Edgar Allan Poe, who was an officer who died on the fucking street of starvation and hunger

You should’ve seen me storming into the Daytona Beach police station demanding to speak to somebody “with some compassion” because I didn’t want to die on the street like him but they claim it’s just a “federal matter” and “nothing they can do”

Policy China’s social credit system / Hitler’s regime is still in charge

Oops! How did I go from poetry to politics.

I’m a Soldier 24/7 even out of uniform

I see Chess pieces moved that you haven’t considered

Maybe sometimes

But also the math is wrong 🤨

Have you considered a different formula or equation?

One that wasn’t written to fit the illuminati’s reality?

We have an abundance of free energy

Homeschooling is a thang 👍

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