Utah Dwelling (easy rhyme)

If I could get to Utah
See the things that he saw
Needle of earth’s eye
Where he didn’t have to die

If I could get to Utah
Take away the withdraw
Hope might quantify
Take head of Gemini

© Delia Ross. 2022 / @poeeternal

RIP John Jones

I think the only justice is to have the establishments heads on a platter, otherwise I could’ve gone my entire life, without having learned of that tragedy


Crucified upside down and all he got was a plaque

His bones aren’t at rest

He didn’t want to be left in there!

But you can dismantle a bridge so you can watch prime TV!

Excuse me, I need to go back to disassociating

This will include going through my recent camera roll and uploading footage on my TikTok that might be worth looking at

From one Asian app to another

And I have to limit my use there because it makes me sick

The advertising is making me sick

The constant product placement

The gaslighting on the labels

The Blair witch shakiness

I spend most of my time writing ✍️

Photo captured this AM

So, I’m sleeping in the lion’s den, with no fear, per the Lord’s instruction

But you know what happened to the couple riding their bikes down the street without any fear who had just bought their dream home six months prior, right?

Slavery started in Africa and they the soul-sucking demon narcissist want us living in fear.

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