Lines & rants (self-explanatory)

He’s never tried fresh biscuit
I guess he’s into brisket
But I’m implicit
And it makes him livid

He hates republicans
I hate democrats
Or maybe he’s doubling
And I don’t give a crap

“Don’t get stuck in descension”

Isolated just like detention

I heard her mention

Don’t need open convention

Don’t need your supervision

Don’t need your permission

I kill with intention

Lost strength to chase dimension

God needs your attention

You’re not my children

Man desire children more than me
I hate men for all eternity

Don’t call me Eve

Β© Delia Ross. 2022 / @poeeternal

I’m trying to be more open, loving, and with compassion.

Also me: I wanna skin a skull and send a criminal demon to hell legally and be the great warrior I know me to be

Not dying in the street πŸ‘€

But is it rational to fear a sinkhole opening up under your bath?

These things happen to people in Florida

They just get gobbled up and the land gets condemned

“Don’t go there”

By the time I call the law it’ll go like this, “I’m sorry officer, I started my period and he was breathing”


I hope my blog is better than reruns

The Internet is dead and full of propaganda and porn

Everything is about anal fucking or being gay



P.S. One of the first things my grandmother taught me how to do – was how to make a biscuit

It’s important stuff

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  1. NASA can’t even break free from the firmament.

    The only thing they did was make the radiation levels worse blowing bombs up there (per NASA themselves)

    They can gaslight, tax, and provide expensive cartoons “so real it could be fake”


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