Rising Rent (freestyle poetry)

His poetry is alcoves and passages
Backroads and damages
Wet clay
Lost messages
Bad management
A red flag
Labeled “accident”
Atomic bomb
He’s inadequate
And the reason
For our rising rent

© Delia Ross. 2022 / @poeeternal

Easy rhyme huh. I blame you for everything too.

I think I want another white coffee

And sleeps

It’s so nurturing

Stuff like socks and coffee

Hot baths

Sylvia Plath was right

If only she’d believed it…

But reality took down Chris Cornell and many others

I’m just barely hanging on myself

I want to be a better human person thang

Happy Friday

Does anyone wanna come help install a car part?

Please say no so that I’m closer to finding the courage to play mechanic and do it myself

I’m going back on the bedrest…

More poetry coming as long as I am breathing

2 thoughts on “Rising Rent (freestyle poetry)

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  1. I had some fun writing it, thank you! I’ve got the urge to play guitar but not the skills! So the beats mostly stay in my head! Glad you can pick them up!


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