JINX (you’re it) *this post may self-destruct*

My video blew up (a tiny bit): https://www.tiktok.com/t/ZTRDHq9b1/?k=1

I dunno why

I used 1 hashtag only, it was a TRIGGER WARNING hashtag cuz I assumed the algorithm would keep it sitting at zero views

I turned commenting off because it wasn’t up for debate

It was an early morning rant

It was casual content, not necessarily anything viral worthy

And I was prepared for the video to tank

Instead it’s had over 350 likes, 7 saves, 1 share, and over 1900 plays ๐Ÿ‘€

It’s also brought me in a ton of new followers, like a ton.

And now my overall like tally is sitting at 29,600. Insane.

I think you’re allowed to accept gifts and tips at 10,000 followers (I could be wrong)

TikTok pay out how they want per TOS

So it’s a biased platform and they keep most of the profits and reward unethically

It’s still cool

I’m happy I still have enough followers to go live

My brand new microphone is still sitting packed up in a box, I have several new cosplay outfits I never got to use (bloody theatrical makeup too), and I haven’t been able to do much cardio since getting the death jab, I’ve been fighting for my life

I’m currently initializing my PS4 because I intend to sell it at the pawnshop, along with accessories and games (unless I get back on eBay which is also a plan)

Gaming isn’t what it used to be, the content isn’t worth the price, the community sucks

I’m taking back my life and time (I rarely play or watch TV)

And at my own speed

I don’t want to die on the street like Edgar Allan Poe

I started 2 new bottles of detox to my routine

Supports a healthy gut – doesn’t have any bad shit in it, has Probiotics, is time-released, I’m on dose 2

The other new bottle is Turmeric and Ginger, also no bad stuffs.

But also ordered 2 more bottles of Black Walnut & Wormwood because it will kill cancer and is clearing out the mucus

I’ve got out most of the bad shit that was making me stank

I’m not gonna lie, I was having die off symptoms where my under arms were smelling like sulfur

I’m getting to the point where I don’t even need to wear deodorant anymore

But also deodorant causes cancer and hormonal imbalances

If you stink you need to detox your gut

Other countries deworm annually


I also restocked my nut supply

2 1/2 pounds of heart healing goodness

I thought long and hard about not ordering chicken this month for groceries

Even considered getting some of those vegan chicken patties and burgers


I’m eating clean

Eggs. Chicken. Turkey. Less dairy. Lots of Beans. Nuts. Water. Minimal fruit, I don’t want the sugar while detoxing

I also cold quit drinking soda and eating fast food, chips, and junk food several months ago

I uninstalled the chipotle app and emailed them and told them to delete my data


I support real farmers

I want some chickens of my own to care for and pull guard duty

For the fresh daily eggs

I got the insomnia anyway

I’m a soldier so I know how to reside around many people with different cultures backgrounds and diets and it’s probably why I am a flexitarian

I’m not a big meat eater, never have been

But I’m anxious to start my rebounding journey again

My booty has a little wiggle to it now but I’m happy to still be alive

My lungs are improving but I do still have difficulty drawing breath and my heart has trouble circulating

I no longer feel blood clots throughout my body or trying to push through my arteries and veins

Rebounding is resistance training – which is exactly what someone in my age group should focus on – strength training

Rebounding includes cardio tho so I gotta be careful

It’s summer though and the bike rides are imminent

I’m over 400 years old and people are calling me old ๐Ÿ™„


I have one of the oldest and rarest blood-types

I’ve had a number of things trying to kill me lately left and right

The more they try to alter my DNA and control me, the less control they have


Perhaps we’re all born with Great Filters of our own

They use fearmongering to rule

It’s like a negative energy wave rolling through

Those who don’t hang on get yeeted out of life, or left homeless

I saw the bad things happening when I was working for the Department of Defense and the policies continued to get changed which was affecting my military career

Then came the Government furloughs and hiring freezes

The immigrants are sitting like kings on thrones

But are delusional and don’t understand why no one wants to work for low wages and in toxic environments

I’d fucking quit if a job made me use Zoom or FaceBook on the job

If the entire system collapses I still have my skill sets to fall back on and that will go a long way in a community when the lights are out

I might need some help climbing a fence or a wall but that’s never stopped my comrades from helping me get over it

I know I’ve been cutting a lot of people out of my life but it’s because I’m trying to develop into the person I want to become

Holistic approach – cleansing the mind, body, and soul

I love you. I really do. ๐Ÿ˜‘

Gotta start dusting the PS4 now, it initialized

Feels weird to dump all that data

I love detaching from the establishment

They lost the plot

They believed their own lies

“Stupid Americans”

Maybe we were playing dumb

The Devil ain’t getting my soul


Unplugging is exhausting ๐Ÿซฃ

Hot spots: https://linktr.ee/PoeEternal

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