Breadcrumbs (poetry)

I transcribed your dream
The message read: BE STILL
But there could be a landslide
On this hill
Careful where you’re putting
Down your gear
And maybe ground your fear
Just be still
You need courage
The end is near

I love you.

I’m living in a parallel universe
Four simultaneously
The search for purpose
Only finding curses
Weathering leather
And bloodied verses
Unholy wishing
Gaslighting nurses
Controlling lightning
I come through circuit
Rarely truly surface
Far reaching
Though sun a furnace
The Devil’s hand is sternness
I’m too damn earnest

The racist call me racist
His poetry as an oasis
I’m running out of patience

Invite only
I’m growing lonely

They’re planning an invasion
The Asians

It’s like he’s pushing me to the edge
So he can follow suit
And if I leap from the ledge
It’s something he’ll pursue

Dating is like trying to find the least damaged item at the thrift store

“Problem loading content”
Not sure where hope went
He’s rarely present
These halls are haunted

My hair is 1000% homegrown from my skull yah know… (I’d let you be the keeper of my bones)

I need less resistance
But I keep pushing the distance
Confusing the algorithm
Changing logistics

And he’s persistent
Budding appearance
Creating division
Swollen and twisted

How to not fall into a pit –
I haven’t learned it

There’s a spider living near me
He keeps building webs
And though I’m surely cleaning
He knows my habits well (true story)

Every mirror is haunted with my reflection

I’m suffocating
Crawling through your mines
120 meters inside
30 feet below a deadline

How to create healthy boundaries instead of building walls?
How to find stillness instead of crawling down the halls?

He’s sabotage
Removes my camouflage

One second applause
Then next dislodge

Knows just what I want
His hand will taunt

I got your message
I felt your presence
Was it meant for me?

Earth will become hell
I’m holding the seventh seal
All of heaven will fall silent
I’m not here to heal

My closet is full of dead dreams
The drawers filled with hurting
The handles broke and dirty
I’m over 40….

I was born with an extra vertebrae
I got the death jab
They altered my DNA
Feel I can close hell’s gateway
The more they order
The less I obey
People dropping dead
Next month is my birthday
Some call me evil
God I won’t betray

He’s running circles
Watching me evolve
Climbing crimson skies
He knows how hard I fall

Fall down seven times
Get up eight
I’m morally bankrupt
With a penny on my plate

It’s like I’m crawling into a sinking ship, and he’s dying to come with…? πŸ‘€

Sometimes he leaves me breadcrumbs of where he’s been
Maybe kisses of magic
Maybe stitching in havoc
I’m here idling

I’m looking at star trails
And I’m burning all my matches
Leaving webs for what he catches
Or a map leading to more spells?

John is down here with me
I talk to him like he’s living

These guys out there buying fake diamonds
And truth is like silence

Have you found the secret book?
It’s a world of deceit
Well I’ve ripped your pages
Feel incomplete for what I took

13 months of 28 days

With an added day of resurrection

13 constellations

Hesitating every direction

365 days of lost conception

SEPT equals seven
OCT falls on eight
Allow me to elaborate

NOV enduring nine
DEC is ten
JAN means eleven
Your eyes look just like heaven
FEB is twelve
I know you’d love me if you didn’t serve yourself
MAR ends with thirteen
April is for birthing! (the starting one)
Now count them up
April is the first month
We’re living a different time

Β© Delia Ross. 2022 / @poeeternal

Circa April 2021

APRIL IS THE FIRST MONTH, THE CALENDAR IS 13 – feel free to check the star charts – the sky – whatever you want – 13 constellations – tell the Devil he’s losing time – he’s not getting mine 😈

The truth don’t lie – Neo open your eyes


13 x 28 = 365 (you’re welcome) (don’t forget the plus one to grow on – resurrection)

LEVEL UP ASCENSION GOD MODE ON (humbly and universally) (you die in the Matrix, you die for real for real) (have fun)

The source wants you to win


Open up Pandora’s box βœ…

Peer through the Looking Glass βœ…

Visit earth and learn to be a lightbringer

Learn compassion

Learn forgiveness

Give more love than you receive βœ…

Might go dark again:

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