Rental life & the cost of clean clothes (journaling)

I pay $50 extra a month on top of my rent for some old run down washer and dryer – for the privilege – to be able to wash and dry in my own apartment – but that isn’t included in the monthly costs – and I’m surprised they don’t charge us extra for plumbing

That’s $600 annually for my clothes to get ripped and shredded apart by the oldest fucking machines ever built

They don’t update any of our appliances with the annual rent gouging increases




I’m gonna stink for awhile

Save my $50 per month

They make mini washing machines now

The goal is to find a free one or the other or even a cheap model

But one that is MINE

That $600 a year could be paying for land where I could be hand drying my clothes out in the sun with the trees and a line and some clothes pins which is free to dry

I told my enemy what I was up to and he said it was “smart”

I need some land out here in Florida

I’ve been disassociating for way longer than I realize but I’m organizing my entire life but my bathroom is going to get a makeover just like my entire life is getting a makeover

Yesterday I found a suitcase full of magazines in pristine condition and I couldn’t understand why I left behind three bags worth of fucking military uniforms but managed to hang onto some fucking magazines

Not magazines to put bullets in


And I couldn’t figure out my priorities but then I had to remember my new motto: I don’t know how we got here but let’s just fix it

I’ve re-packed those magazines in a small new packing box.

I have no idea why I held onto the collections but I reckon I’ll hang onto them for a tiny bit longer

It’s sort of the; I don’t know what to do with pile

I have also found a lot of evidence of an ex groveling to a mistress and all the trauma that was involved

I understand why I jumped into this timeline to fix myself

My entire life is getting a makeover

I’m currently detoxing and on an extreme treatment through the VA – I think I’ll need more than one round but it’s certainly working

Yesterday I’m certain I coughed out an alien looking creature

So I found this store ๐Ÿ‘‡

When I have the extra dough I will be spoiling myself from there

You earn points, free gifts, they have stuff for a dollar that’s better than Walmart or the Dollar Tree

I’ve signed up for the coupons but haven’t been able to shop yet!

I’m ready tho!

They seem to have some nice stuff for the home and body

Wouldn’t mind a bedroom sheet set – great prices

Also am looking at the shower curtains and cute rugs


I just want to improve my prison sentence on earth without it costing me an arm and a leg for mindfulness or cute panties without holes or blood stains (TMI – full moon – ovulating)

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  1. I just keep pushing forth! I think so many others are better but they share stock photos – which is normal – but I’m theatrical and studied Drama. I like doing everything myself. ๐Ÿคช

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  2. I have no idea who joins by the way – so unless people tell me or create a username that I’ll recognize, I have no clue. OF is responsible for that side. So users are completely anonymous otherwise. Just a heads up if you wasn’t aware.

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