Wildfire (mini poems)

I love him for awhile
Drop bombs and act hostile
I’ll love him for a mile
Send invite then exile

Narcissism is a plague
Wildfire like my rage
Your flag is acting vague
Say what you mean to say

I’m sorting everything I have
Every single thing I own
Been logging too much weight
I’m never feeling home

Been crawling with my skeleton
I’m getting out of prone
I’m turning on the lights
I’m heading for unknown

I’m tired of washing clothes
I hate to wear
I’m tired of open roads
Of just despair

The aftermath apparent
Like an errant animal
It’s so overbearing
The way deep space
Won’t stop starring
Or acting like
He’s not caring

118 pounds
Can barely afford a smile
He goes by too many nouns
Won’t you feed me at the fairgrounds?
I might put on a frown
A tear for the clown
Wearing a hospital gown
Starving little cloud

He knows my birthday without a doubt
I just haven’t figured it out

You kneel
I heal
That was the deal

We have to make order out of chaos
Forget about the hard loss
Betrayal is a hard bust
We never quite will adjust

I’m going through metamorphosis
I gave no notice
Guess I’ll change my coordinates
I am the cold porcelain

Dear John,
I’m still spitting in a cup
But I haven’t given up
Lost my way and now I’m stuck
Guess I haven’t any luck

Re: Mark Zuckerberg
Someone silence that puppet
Put a bullet in his nugget
Don’t ask, Don’t tell who done it

Label created
Clouds must be elated
Happy belated
Words I never stated
Love’s overrated

Eventually you get tired of –
The papers piling up
Evidence of –
I never gave a fuck

He’s always causing so much ruckus
I’m losing focus
Gave my two week notice
He’s close to homeless

I’ve got decades of mail unopened
Obviously I’m barely coping?

I’ve been lost in my own shadow
Falling down every hole

How long will the bears live?

God: 100 years

How long will the humans live?

God: 100 years

What color will the bears be?

God: brown/black/white

What color will the humans be?

God: brown/black/white


© Delia Ross. 2022 / @poeeternal

Homemade vegan veggie stew and cornbread


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