Stitched (poetry and photography)

I stitched you into fabric
Maybe not elaborate
Tiny bit of havoc
Maybe out of habit

With some twigs and magic
Spilled blood and tragic
Wind blown erratic
Pages blank but classic

Well now I’ve found the warmth
Wrapped up in your world
From east to north
Stepping back and forth

I have been to hell and back
Got the almanac
Full sins on attack
My wings are carbon black

If photons had a clock
The clock would never tick
Don’t you question it
My love for him
It’s just physics

I think he is precious
Sun burning contentious
Heavy metal pretentious
Like moon is reckless
Tiny little crevice
Will appear speckless
Diamond for necklace
Can leave lung breathless

How to avoid a road to hell?
I think it’s where we fell?
Should have gone left?
What do you suggest?

He’s got a crown and sword
I want to fall on

To die tenderly
Kinetic energy
Your words –
Are haunting me

You will find God if you look lower
Crawl feet first but slower
Remove bad clover
Like a whistleblower

My growth has been stunted
Under moon words hunted
Why you are confronted
All my love abundance
Love you in hundreds

Sometimes wounds are gutted
Jump in holes redundant
Forget the summit
Pitched in black no judgment
My hope is funded

Through your words I’m blooded
Heart beats on like flooded
I know what you did
Whole world screams forbid
Death cannot disconnect our power grid

And if your words are a puddle
I’d jump in again and again
Don’t care how deep it gets
Love you from within

I’m an advanced prototype
You know I’m right

He’s racially prejudice
Erasing the best of us

© Delia Ross. 2022 / @poeeternal

Thank you for reading xox

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