Hell (poetry)

I hope hell is just for men
Same place I’ve been
Crossing back with sin
Just ask when

© Delia Ross. 2022 / @poeeternal

*insert picture of me looking like shit here*

FYI: safety check update; if you have an Amazon wishlist, they are now sharing your address with the buyer unless you uncheck the box

I think it should be illegal for a company to add new features and automatically sign you up for them.

They are doing this in the real world now too

Like how an addendum will become a permanent feature

90% of all murders happen by men

“Since 1970 68% of all life has gone extinct”

Christianity in its current massively re-written state, serves Lucifer

It’s Luferian worship

Everything in society – especially “manmade” is a contraption set by LUCIFER

Of course, I don’t really believe in your fucking made up God and devil, but this is the reality and propaganda I’m fucking stuck in.

I believe in the Good Creator

The Source

I think life was an explosion everywhere

Not an actual boom

Life appeared simultaneously and everywhere (the great expansion like your precious fake Big Bang – which I told you wasn’t real)

I never believed in evolution theory as a child, or teenager or in eighth grade; I holy fucking argued about everything that was being taught as theory as fact

Can NASA show you anything other than dots?

Y’all believe the cartoons they push

I’ve noticed they use cartoons to push their propaganda

Uhm, I’m sick of the Internet is Dead

Propaganda. Porn. Predators. It needs to be made 21+

Same with Walmart who are selling sex toys online in the health department

I’m sick of an LCD monitor, don’t wanna look at a screen

It’s burning my retina 👁️

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