Amazon is sharing your address Wishlist with the buyer

I went in to make changes to my Amazon Wishlist and they have new features – already selected for you – about disclosing your address to the buyer

“The seller may disclose your address to the buyer”

Wait. What. 👀

I have a brain injury and maybe I’m misinterpreting what that says!?!

I’ve since unchecked the box – and I’ve no one spoiling me – but I very much intend to spoil me – as these are items I want/need.

That’s a dangerous new feature Amazon has added

I wasn’t even aware until I was acting emo and making privacy changes


If you have children using it or anyone under the age of 18 and they have an Amazon wishlist account and people spoiling them, then they may be getting access to your home address now.

I care about the unsuspecting adults too (like self) and people with mental illness who may try and obtain an address for harm

I don’t understand how it’s legal for a business to do something like this, it’s fucking dangerous

They are using grams as weight now cuz America belongs to the immigrants and their children born here naturalized

The immigrants get to vote before our children legally turn 18 to do so


I wish I had known all this before I started College is a scam.

Quietly LOUDLY quitting society

Information is knowledge so please let folks know that their lives are in danger now – unless they want complete strangers with their shipping address!?!?

I don’t like giving out my phone number or email and now we’re just giving folks our home address huh.

Why not just give the buyer your address and fuck Amazon all together?

Why use a third party at all? Which was the entire fucking point I thought.

Amazon is dead

There’s hardly a place worth shopping

I like thrift stores and antique furniture shops

I will find the most ugly shop in Florida you can find.

Get on my knees and hunt

Getting offline forever soon…

I don’t understand the point

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