Shadow People (poetry)

You see me in tinted rose
Colors of the rainbow
The world falling so
My angel tears glow
Sorrow from the window
Living death row

It’s so far the surface
Drifting without purpose
Focused on worthless
Heart is hopeless

Tomorrow he’ll be gone
Like sunrise
The moon withdrawn
This ain’t Babylon

Any offer is a good offer
You took a chance to be
The only way to prosper
Escaping gravity

Double hex
I’d rather die
Than live
With this mess

Hurt him to save him
Carving out main limb
Heart felt grim
He’s original sin

Game over
For us
Merry Christmas

Gonna go after him
With everything I got
Stomach not in a knot
Sky clear as thought
God’s in your parking lot
Spitting snot
Your time my clock

There is darkness here
Crows and curses
Unwritten verses
Tears like cashmere

© Delia Ross. 2022 / @poeeternal

I haven’t been taking pictures. I’ve been praying and crying. But I’d like to try taking photos again. When I’m feeling less tormented on the cross.

I think I entered another level of hell.

I don’t wanna be trapped down here.

Also, I don’t know how to communicate with females at all.

In any capacity.

Either they have no empathy and are emancipated androgynous bots or I’m autistic.

I spend 30 seconds with a human and leave going “demon”.

Is this what Edgar Allan Poe experienced before he wound up on the street?

Also, it occurred to me that NASA are shadow people and the entirety of space.

You don’t know if an object is spherical or flat in space.

They only see dots and the math is wrong.

Society and everything in it is snake oil.

I’m coming of age

I identify as Mary Magdalene and Cleopatra (and Mina Tepes)

I was conscious and aware before I was born and suicidal

I got in trouble for trying to die by suicide in kindergarten


The battle gets harder the longer you climb

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