This (poetry)

This is the mess I made
Trotting through blindfold
This is the price I paid
No household

This is the mess I made
Clothing soiled
Trying to escape
Keeping heart from cold

This is the mess I made
Acting spoiled
Changing shape
Letting chaos manifold

© Delia Ross. 2022 / @poeeternal

This is the mess I made is sung in the style of Jim Morrison

Jim is very much part of my essence and purpose even tho I sold my precious vinyl

Been letting go of my “empire of shit”

Never been more suicidal in my life

But I’ve been trying to end it since before I was born…

Look at this pedophilia propaganda infesting my home

Donate pile…

It’s human vs demon vs angel baby down here

I hope God loves me…

And doesn’t forget me in the void…

“Why have you forsaken me” welp

All I do is walk around with a stone and I’m also in bear mode, so please don’t activate

“If cute why not pet”

Cuz rip veins from neck “with teeth”

Keep back ten feet…

(The enemy is in a white coat and house)

The census: it’s not just how they are reporting

I’ve overstayed my welcome

“I talk to dead people”

I’m autistic (they want to commit me for not being a monotone droid who does what it’s told)

“I’m that program in the Matrix doing what it should not”

“I see dead people” *sobs* 👀

Don’t tell your therapist this or anyone

If I wind up on the crazy top o clock news, bear mode, celebrate

And if there’s any casualties of war, well, you shouldn’t of fucked with my dog…

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