Sick building syndrome

Sick building syndrome – Wikipedia
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Poem coming soon. Cuz sometimes your environment makes you sick. I looked into it.

I can read between the fine print.

I was making 65k annually before the government hiring freeze.

Before the manmade pandemic. Before the immigrants stole my job. Then poisoned me with their snake oil.

I’ve been hanging out in a dark void. I can assemble their wicked thoughts.

I see dead people. Without souls. Demons congregating.

The boomers and LGBT working at the library treat me like a thief – cuz I’m genz – woken – and not under their godforsaken spell.

The next time grandpa overuses his power – by staring me down five minutes as I decide on a title to check out – I’ll walk over to the cop and ask him to please ask the worker to stop sexually harassing me with his eyes.

I’ll just skip the chain-of-command, and kick him directly in the balls. Hypothetically with humiliation.

And Mrs Boomer hates scheduling for classes – people miss those – so I’m gonna start – not even cancel.

After spending thousands of dollars at the medicinal shop, the clerk decided to count her tip money before I approached, I thought, look at this righteous cunt, how dare thee.

I’ve swore off my weed spending. The detoxification starts soon – cold turkey – as that was my last bill or tip ever.

I may look cheap but FUCK YOU

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